Alpha's Rejected Mate

Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Synopsis about Alpha's Rejected Mate

Anaya belonged to an omega family from the Blue stone pack. She was the neglected child of the family, the one who was treated like a slave by not only the pack but also her family. The way they treated her broke her. The love she deserved was given to someone else, not even crumbs left for her. Feeling hopeless, Anaya wanted to leave and go somewhere far away. She endured the misery for years, waiting for the right time to leave and start a new life. She did not want to wait for her mate, she had no hopes left. At her eighteenth birthday, she found her mate in the pack. For others, finding their mate was always a happy occasion. But for Anaya it was the start of a nightmare. She was rejected on the very day she met him. The little sliver of hope was snatched away from her hands. What did she even expect? Happiness? Anaya had long forgotten what happiness felt like. However, when Anaya thought her life couldn't get any worse than this, destiny surprised her again with a new destructive chapter of life. Only a few months after being rejected Anaya was send to a ruthless pack of warriors along with her sister..... Will Anaya's life change for the worse? Only time will tell. The Alpha of Southern warrior pack was a Good but ruthless leader. He wasn't looking for a mate, for him, a mate was just an extra burden. He would rather train his warriors to become the strongest among others. But when a fragile looking girl came stumbling into his life, he had to rethink the value of a mate in his life. Within his rock hard heart, he experienced a trembled. From then on he never wanted to part from this feeling. Maybe, having someone to love was not that bad.... *********"Daily Updates"********
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