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“PYRO. That’s my name.”Fira was about to die at the hands of hunters when there was a man came to save her. This man had a cold emotion with his unusual strength, good at dodging, and a fighter who can prevent every strike of the opponent without looking at it. She was curious about the identity of this man until she found out that he is an Alpha King of Fire, her mate. When his father was missing, she sought help from the King Fire. Eventually, they saw his father in the Introduction of Slaves. Fira promised to the King Fire that she would do everything just to let his father out of slavery. They had a life-changing agreement and that was to become his property. No matter what he said, she will do it. NO PROTEST. ALPHA KINGS' INVENTIONSby: AdiennaMichelle1. Alpha King of Fire2. Alpha King of Water3. Alpha King of Ice4. Alpha King of Lightning5. Alpha King of Wind6. Luna Queen of Darkness
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