Alpha Blake

Alpha Blake

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Chapter: 83
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"But what about Ty, why can't we send him instead? We can proclaim a new agreement with them. He's stronger, and he'll be a better warrior than she can..." Mom implores, hoping for a way out for me to get out of this mess and not have to leave."No, it's ok. ....mom I will go Alpha. If that will be all, may I have permission to leave?"Alpha Brock nods.I began to stand, getting ready to take my leave. "Question though, Alpha if you don't mind?""Of course not what is it?" Alpha Brock responds."It's just... we still have, a few months before school ends, I'm supposed to graduate this year. Will Inot be allowed to even finish high school? Or how will this work?"He takes a long endearing sight, "Yes dear, our contract with them will only last five years. You will receive your high school diploma, and you will also have to attend a quick introduction to a career of your choice before coming back home. You will be given your diploma the day you return. While you are away, you must not contact anyone, no one may know of where you are. This has to stay a secret between us. No one must find out you are leaving, besides us. everyone will think that you are away in college. Is that understood?""Yes Alpha." "Selene?" "Yes""No one, not even Ty." He warns."Understood "
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