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Chapter: 88
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"What is your name? " he enquired with a staid expression. Obi's eyes roamed around still trying to ascertain the safety of their current surrounding. Her lips were still quivering out of shock and her breathing distorted. "Obiukwu" She finally let out still battling with unsteady breathing. He adjusted the cuff of his pristine white shirt and helped her up."For a girl with a boy's name you certainly do not think like one. Usually when a female dog comes after you, you don't run towards her young puppies, you run far away from them". She adjusted her pleated skirts which had been torn while she ran frantically from the enraged beast. This boy's words were rather insulting but she swallowed any form of insult that would have ensued especially from his reminder of the stereotype that had been carved out from her name . A simple act of gratitude, for he had been her savior. Was he not a dunce for thinking that way?. She knew a lot of moronic boys and her cousin Chukwudi was the ideal example. The dog had run at the sound of his command. She walked away from him slowly hoping to see Sandra somewhere close. "Hey! You owe me a thank you and something else". She ignored him and kept walking. She hated dogs and arrogant rich boys!"My name is Obiefune!"Obiukwu stopped for a brief moment and yelled back at him "thank you! ".Obiukwu, a young selfless girl is forced to choose between love and duty when life hurls misfortunes at her. Does she end up with her first love Obiefune even when the odds are against them?
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