Accidentally Yours

Accidentally Yours

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Chapter: 38
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Synopsis about Accidentally Yours

Natalie is a young girl who is struggling to be loved by her biological family. 7months ago, Nora, Natalie’s sister drugged her and sent her away with an unknown man. Oblivious to the devious plot etched by her, Natalie believed that the man she slept with that night was her childhood boyfriend Shayne. However, Natalie is devastated when she finds out that Shayne had fallen for Nora and has cheated on her. She is unable to deal with this betrayal and experiences a miscarriage. Losing Shayne and the death of her unborn child pushed Natalie into the deepest corners of disparity where she acted for nothing but to avenge her sister for snatching her life. The sole intention drove her until one night she unknowingly saved little Ben Lewis, son of the entertainment titan, Timothy Lewis…what follows is a tale of a beautiful bond developed between two strangers leading to an extra ordinary family in making.
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