Chapter 4 - A Surrogate For Billionaire

At least I couldn’t even see him. I’m not ready. I’m not ready yet to read his notebook. I wasn’t there for him. I wasn’t there to share his pain. I wasn’t there to listen to his last words. What kind of a sister am I? I hate myself and not protecting Noah. Why? Now how am I supposed to live without him? He was my life. I did everything for him but he’s already gone. I just can’t go through this pain anymore. I lost my parents, Noah, and also my baby. Why am I just useless? Why don’t I just die? I can’t live with memories. Noah waited for the whole damn nine months but he lost every hope. I was late… I was just late. I wasn’t ready to let him go. I wasn’t. I want him. He’s my only brother and the only family that I have…. It hurts and I can’t believe it. He’s gone….. He was waiting for me but I just couldn’t be there for him. Guilty is killing me… I want to die…. With those hurtful memories and thoughts, I fell asleep finally.

I woke up after a few hours and it was already evening. I went into the bathroom showered and changed into a set of black clothes. Then I went to the hospital. I saw my little brother laying in a coffin lifelessly. There are no words or actions in the world to describe the pain in my heart. I was just a useless sister for him. I saw the little kids that my brother used to play with crying and it broke my heart even more.

After the funeral was done, I looked up at the dark sky which was about to rain. My brother’s untimely death is something that I will never be able to forget. I wanted to die so I slowly walked towards the sea. I wanted to kill myself and join with Noah but when I was about to jump I remembered something. My son. I will return the money to them and take him with me. With that, I went home grabbed the money that they paid me, and left the house. I went straight to the mansion that I lived in for nine months. As I entered through the gate I saw a car parked in and all doors were open. I went straight into the house and saw an old woman holding my baby. Suddenly, she looked at me and her eyes grew dark.

“What are you doing here?” She asked with an angry voice.

“I want my baby back. Here is your filthy money” I threw money at her because everything happened because of this woman. If she gave me money at that time my brother would be still alive.

“Oh my god, Julianna. Why did you come here?” Aunty Jade came towards us with a horror-filled face.

“Old madam are you okay?” She asked. Ha. I knew I guessed correctly. She’s the woman. Heartless witch.

“I came here to take my baby that I gave birth to,” I said coldly again. I could see the hatred in that old woman’s eyes but do I have to care? No. I don’ give a fuck. Because of her, I lost my brother.

“Julianna, your brother’s death is not my problem” What? How did she know?

“You knew? But yet you refused to give money that day. How can you become so heartless?” I shouted at her because I was lost and at the same time I was furious.

“People like you and your brother should die… Poor people make this country ugly” What?

“Give my baby back before I could destroy everything in here” I didn’t want to talk to that bitch. I hate her already. All I wanted was my baby back. How am I supposed to leave my baby with these people? They are lunatics.

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