Chapter 4 - Alpha Markus

Celeste P O V

The week leading up to the full moon was one going down in the books as one of the worst I’d had since arriving at this forsaken place. We all had double duties as we cleaned, prepared and planned for the nights before and after the full moon. I couldn’t spend too much time in the garden, though I was expected to keep it immaculate for the party. Talk about unreasonable expectations.

I was only getting 3 hours of sleep a night and as I had to spend all my free time in the Packhouse cleaning, I was not always able to avoid the groping and innuendos. I’d had 3 premonitions during the cleaning of the suites and I was not allowed to rest after getting hit by the migraines that tended to follow them. We also had to pre-pack everything that Sandra would be taking with her to her mate’s pack. They were so sure that she would find her mate that night…

The worst part was I was too exhausted to let Kara run free. She was mad at me, but was also exhausted from healing my exhaustion and migraines. I was having trouble controlling her as well. The more exhausted, the grumpier we both were and the less control I had over her. We needed to be careful, I could not afford to be found out. They would realize my lie and likely kill me. I was planning on running away before I hit what they thought was my 19th birthday. I had 1 year, 8 months, and 4 days. In reality, my 20th birthday was in 5 months.

The only part I enjoyed over the week was planning the menu. It was only 5 or 6 meals to be planned. Dinner the night before the full moon, the three meals the day of, and Breakfast and lunch for the stragglers the following day. Still, I enjoyed having no budget for the meals and letting my imagination run wild. Dinners would be different. The Packhouse would be ordering takeout for the warriors. We had set up a temporary tent and moved the buffet tables there. The normal dining room had been rearranged to sit a dinner party of about 40 people. High Ranking members and visitors only. The visiting guards would eat outside with the other warriors. That allowed me to make a proper multiple course dinner on both nights. It would be an exhausting evening. I also had to plan canapes for the celebration to be held after the usual moon run/ celebration for Sandra’s mate.

Maya and I had our work cut out for us as we would be the main ones cooking but we had a plan. Big meals, followed by simple meals that could be mostly prepped before hand, followed by complex meal. Everything would be OK. We just had to stick to our schedule and hope that people loved our food.

Thankfully, the other Omegas would be in charge of serving so we could dedicate ourselves solely to cooking. We had even tested out parts of the menu through the week. So far, I had heard no complaints.

Aside from the groping, no one touched us for a full week. It was a change of pace as our bruises fully healed for the first time in a while. Every girl had at least one bruise that may could be passed for a birth mark at this point. Alpha Geoff and Luna Luisa didn't want to have healing omegas walking around with so many high ranking werewolves about. I had heard Luna Luisa telling a warrior that she didn't need some moral compass up in her skirts about how they treat their servants.

The day before the arrival of all the Ranked visitors, the Luna surprised us all with two used sets of clothes for the duration of the visits. All the omegas that worked in the Packhouse usually wore throw away clothes we managed to fit in. All were worn past the point of being able to call it decent clothing, all were either stained or ripped. I was not super happy about this, as the new clothes were not baggy enough for me to hide my breasts. I knew it would spell trouble after the visiting parties were gone.

The day of the arrivals was here. I woke up early to get breakfast going. I looked into my blurry reflection in my makeshift mirror.

Today’s the day. Are you ready Kara? - I asked my wolf

Fuck yes I am. We’ve got this. – she said. I felt my eyes turn black. A sign our wolves were front and center.


Sorry, just excited . -She said sheepishly