Chapter 5 - A Pursuit of Beloved Wife

Proofread by He Li

Uncle Li hits the gas pedal and speeds away from view in a second.

Li Fengjue remains motionless and looks at the woman who is unable to get up from the ground. She only has his shirt on. The snow is getting heavier and heavier and she has not moved for a long time in the cold wind.

God knows how long it takes Yuexi to struggle to get up from the ground. She looks around helplessly and almost falls down several times.

When Li Fengjue is just about to go forward to her, he hears the sad and shrill crying of the woman. She cries heartbreakingly.

It seems that she is only person left in this world. His foot hanging in the air is finally put back in place. There is a sense of hesitation in his eyes.

Yuexi stares blankly at her home. The tears fall down silently on the ground and disappear.

She has lost everything. Everything.

Yuexi puts her arms around herself in the snow, crying her heart out with tears streaming down her face.

She cries a long time before she suddenly passes out with her body falling into the snow.

The moment before the coma, she seems to see a man eagerly running towards her, trying to hold her. The warm hug makes her deem that she has caught the last hope.

She murmurs, "I lost everything, everything…"

Yuexi frowns with her eyes closed. Li Fengjue looks down at her in his arms, with a hoarse voice, saying, "You don't need to have anything else, just to stay alive."


Hearing this calling, he gnashes his teeth. This stupid woman actually mistakes him for her father!

Yuexi feels that her body is light while her head is very heavy. She vaguely sees a face in a haze. He is surrounded by gray snowflakes. The coldness from his expression seems to freeze people into ice.

Li Fengjue pushes her into the car. Feeling distressed in terms of how to handle with this woman, he finally decides to show mercy to her.

The heating in the car is very good. With wisps of warm air surrounding her, Yuexi gradually comes to herself, looking around faintly.

She recognizes the man who is sitting next to her,


Li Fengjue gives her a slant look. She thanks him embarrassedly, "Thank you for saving me once again. Could you please tell me your name?"

"Li Fengjue." He gives her his full name directly.

"Thank you." Yuexi feels really tired and does not have much strength to talk.

Li Fengjue squeezes his eyes into two long narrow lines with sense of irony shown in his eyes.

"I thought you had learnt something, you stupid woman. I do not expect that you should have been hurt twice by the same man!"

Yuexi feels embarrassed but it is out of anger. Her gratitude is instantly replaced by it.

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