Chapter 2 - A Pursuit of Beloved Wife

Proofread by He Li

Besides, Li Fengjue has just walked out of the bathroom, with water dripping from the hair over his forehead. He is only wrapped in a white towel on the lower part of the body. Yuexi flushes. It seems that she has been enchanted. She is nervously looking at the guy in front of her, with her heart beating fast.

"How long do you want to lie on me?" says Li Fengjue in a cold voice.

There is a kind of evil and attractive quality in his magnetic voice.

It makes Yuexi get thirsty and horny. Even though she tries to control the reaction of her body, she fails in vain. She is now like a big balloon that could burst at any moment.

Seeing that Yuexi doesn't move, Li Fengjue is going to push her away. But suddenly, Yuexi puts her face closely against his chest, saying in a daze, "Since I have already seen every part of your body, let's do something."

"I'm not interested in a woman like you..."

The last word disappears in Yuexi's hot kisses. Li Fengjue's pupils dilate slightly because he is surprised at the woman's bold way.

There has never been a woman in the world who dares to be so active in front of him. She is the first.

Her kisses are pure and even a little clumsy. Indeed, she is less skillful than other women, but somehow he enjoys her kisses.

This is the first time.

It could not be denied that there is nothing special concerning this woman in front of him, but he has no dislike for her.

Yuexi feels that she is so horny now that her head is full of this man's body!

The man is breathing heavily, which makes her give way to her erotic fantasy.


When she suddenly wakes and sits up, she feels even more painful than when she fell downstairs yesterday.

Now she remembers all the madness of last night.

"What to do now?" She slept with a stranger when she was drugged.

She could remember all the details of last night.

She was so horny, holding on to that man all the time, with a look of desire and dissatisfaction...

When thinking of this, she feels so embarrassed that she wishes to find a crack to worm her way into.

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