Chapter 1 - A Promise that changed my life

Chapter 2: By taking her place


Laying my novel aside on the bed, I came downstairs to the living room, after hearing my parents shouting at each other whereas my twin sister Adah was standing at the corner of the room, crossing her hands around her chest.

I took the last steps slowly, observing the situation.

"What happened?" I inquired, catching their attention on me.

My dad sat on the sofa, annoyingly while Mom gave me a worried look. "Ask your sister!" Dad said.

I move my head towards her as I called her name in short form, "Ady?"

"It's nothing, Siya, our parents got a bad habit of making a fuss out of nothing." She responses with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

Mom shot her a glare, "You mean to say, we are the one who makes a fuss? huh? and what you think you are doing?!' She exclaims.

"Tell me, what on earth I've had done wrong, Mom? I just want a bit of freedom in my life!" Ady says, yelling.

"You do nothing wrong, Adah it's us who done wrong by giving you so much freedom already," Dad spoke with frustration.

"I don't remember when was the last time you ever give me something that called 'Freedom'. " She uttered.

"I sent you to the college let you wear expensive modern clothes when I had no money instead of Siya that too going against your grandfather who warned me that it's useless to educate girls, cause at the end of the day, they just gonna get marry and will go to their husband's house and you still think, we haven't given you freedom?" Dad questions, furrowing his brow.

She fakes a chuckle, "Ohh please, Dad, you just stop there with that old thinking, you haven't done a favor on me by sending me to the college or giving me expensive clothes it was your responsibility as a father, and even if it's a favor that doesn't mean that you will force me to do this marriage for your so-called promise without my wish."

"Don't speak a word more, Adah! because of that promise you got that tongue to say that to us, " Dad says, I wanted to ask him more but I decided not to and keep my mouth shut.

"I don't care, I am 18 now and I have my right to decide whether I want to marry or not especially to the guy, I never met before." With that, she rushes past me to her room, irritated.

Before I could utter a word, Mom and dad left me to stand in the leaving room alone, and along with confusions and questions as they went to do their chores. Nevertheless, it's their usual to argue on anything. My gaze slowly falls on the clock.

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