Chapter 6 - A Promise that changed my life

Chapter 7: Wish granted?


After the delicious night meal, I am feeling very heavy already, I seriously need to do the gym.

Pulling out my jacket and losing a few buttons of my shirt, I sat on the bed comfortably yet relaxed. Mom directly made me sit at the dining table as I arrived, for dinner not even letting me change properly. But it was worth it.

I checked my phone, 500 missed calls, and 100 messages from Rhea, regarding why I didn't invite her to my marriage, and why would I? If she would be there she must have made some kind of ruckus to break my marriage, for no reason.

Dang, I didn't even invite her to my reception too. Even though Mom reminded me about her, I purposely avoided giving her my invitation card. I will be very happy if she doesn't show up tomorrow.

I glance back at the sleeping kitty on the couch, she seems to be relaxed too, I have to admit the kheer she made was better than how my mom makes it. She made me speechless in the morning and now at dinner too, I didn't expect she can even cook or even if she, bahu of our family cooks during special events not daily that too for elders only.

Her blanket was again on the floor rather than her body, I took steps towards her, silently, I didn't want her to get up, cause of me.

I picked up the blanket and flattened it over her body, leaving her pretty cute face, putting a strand of hair behind her ears, I heard her mumbling in sleep, "Adah…Adah…come back home."

Why is she mumbling her name?

"Adah…Vishal, I... I, don't go, " Then she gets quiet, suddenly.

Who is Vishal now?

Her boyf……

I shouldn't have to get to any conclusion right away without confirming with her.

Wait, Karan!

You don't want any relationship with this girl in the first place, she is just a result of your compromise so why are you being nosy in her life? you should not care whether she has a boyfriend or not. Or... should you?



I woke up too early today, after helping Janna ma in making breakfast faster, I came back to the room to get ready properly for today's pooja.

I went into the closet and my eyes widened, seeing my clothes in the closets already, I don't recall, putting them there.

Nevertheless. I am glad I don't have to arrange them there all by myself.

I began to check some good outfits to wear. I wear Kurtis daily, so... my eyes suddenly gleamed on the purple saree next to my clothes, it's very sparkly and gorgeous.

I got what I was looking for.

Slipping into the saree, I combed my hair in a side wave, and did my make up, before leaving the closet, I saw myself in the mirror, I am not looking too bad. I hope it will work.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw Karan was almost already in his golden kurta that was transparent enough to get a clear view of his muscular body, he is very handsome!

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