Chapter 6 - A Night With The Crazy CEO


  I sighed immediately I read the short note. I thought I could pull it off coming to work late without him knowing but turns out I couldn't. I walked out of my office breathing in and out nervously and stopped right in front his office. I knocked on the door and I heard his deep voice tell me to come in. I breathed in and out to calm my nerves before opening the door and stepping into the office.

  When I entered the office my jaw dropped. The office was simply beautiful and unique. Mr Adrian was sitting on a black leather turning chair and in front of it is a large brown modern mahogany desk, two turning chairs are in front of the desk. I looked around again and there were two bookshelves filled with books situated on both sides of Mr Adrian's chair. The office is painted in brown and cream color making it look amazing. At the far end of the room were two black leather couches——one-seater and two-seater. A small coffee table is in front of the couches. My eyes trailed back to Mr Adrian, he was putting on a black suit with a blue shirt underneath. The top three buttons of the shirt was opened and it gave me a small but good view of his chest. I heard Mr Adrian clear his throat and I snapped out of the daze I was in. I felt my cheeks warm up in embarrassment when I realized I was checking him out.

"Like what you see?" He asked with a smug expression on his face. I felt myself blushing more because he knew I was checking him out.

"No I don't. What's there to see anyway." I replied as if I haven't been checking him out a few seconds ago. He looked offended but he seemed to wave it off.

"That is not a way to greet your boss you know." He stated.

"Good morning Mr Adrian. I saw a note in my office that said I should come to your office immediately I sign in." I responded politely.

"Yes! That reminds me why are you just coming? You ought to have resumed since 8. a. m but here you are just coming. Do you wish to lose your job that early?" He asked.

"No sir I'm sorry for coming late. It won't repeat itself anymore." I replied.

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