Chapter 2 - A Night With The Crazy CEO


  In the office is the guy who got me fired yesterday seated majestically and pressing his phone as if he owned the place. He was so engrossed in whatever he was doing on his phone that he didn't notice that someone already came in.

He finally looked up and my breath somehow got caught up in my throat that I momentarily forgot how to breath. He had dirty blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, hazel eyes with gray flecks, pointed nose, small pink lips and neatly trimmed beard.

"Are you done checking me out?" He asked, a smug look on his face. The moment he asked that question I snapped out of the daze I was in. His eyes was raking all over my body. I cleared my throat and he instantly looks up at my face.

"You!!!" He shouted. A look of familiarity taking over his features and then anger completely took over and his eye color seemed to darken, if that is possible.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" I asked in pretense.

"Aren't you the bitch that kicked my dick the other day?" He replied more like a sentence than a question.

"Oh right I'm the one. What are you gonna do?" I asked. Immediately I said that I noticed a mischievous glint in his hazel eyes.

"Whatever. What are you doing here?" He asked waving off the earlier topic.

"I'm here for the interview and I didn't prepare to meet an asshole here. By the way where is the interviewer?" I asked rudely.

"Isn't it obvious I'm the interviewer and owner of this amazing company." He stated arrogantly. The moment he said that it was as if the air conditioner in the room stopped working and my body felt hot. If he's the boss then I'm never gonna get this job and it's somehow my only hope to get the money to treat mom without working for a long period of time maybe If I try to act polite and apologetic I might get this job.

"I'm sorry about the other day." I said mustering my best apologetic voice. He looked taken aback for some seconds before his face became expressionless.

"Wow look at the iron lady looking sorry." He said in mockery.

"Can we just forget about that day and interview me or send me out of here." I said in tiredness.

"Well I could send you out of here but let me take a look at your credentials since you are the only one that came in here dressed decently and not trying to seduce me."  He muttered.

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