Chapter 0 - A Night With The Crazy CEO


  I was at the restaurant where I was working an afternoon shift. I work as a waitress and currently I am watching my best friend and also my colleague Cherry running around in the restaurant's kitchen trying to put things together for customers to eat. 

"Brianna!!!! What the hell are you doing sitting around instead of taking customers orders?!!!" That was the manager's voice.

'I'm in trouble'. I thought inwardly. Wanna know why, the manager hates employees sitting around when there are no customers so she prefers us finding something to do to keep ourselves busy rather than resting.

"No customers are around at the moment so I wanted to rest for a little while". I answered nervously.

"Well some people just came in so go take their orders". She said.

"Yes ma'am". I replied.

I took my notepad and pen then walked over to the new customers who are already occupying a table.

"Good afternoon, my name's Brianna what would you like to order?". I asked the two handsome men sitting at the table.

"I will like to have a plate of pasta and a glass of orange juice". Came the first reply. I jotted it down and waited for the second guy's order. 

"What would you like to have?". I asked the other guy impatiently but he just kept quiet. I was starting to lose my patience when the first guy told me to get him what he ordered but with a glass of apple juice.

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