Chapter 4 - A Mysterious Man

"Yes! I hit you! This is just a small punishment. The punishment is for your mother and you. In the future it will only be more violent!"

Sunny raises her chin and looks at Zola with a proud look.

"Sunny! You will pay for your behavior today!"

Zola covers her red and swollen face, and stares at Sunny severely.

Although Zola is arrogant on the surface, after all, she comes here alone, without any support, and she is pregnant, under such circumstances, she does not dare to directly conflict with Sunny, but she has a more vicious plan in her heart.

"Zola, what do you want me to pay?"

Sunny's good temper has been worn away, and now she just wants to punish her fiercely.

"Sunny, let's wait and see!"

Zola knows that if she continues to have conflict with her, it will do her no good, so she shouts in a bluff, then hurriedly turns and leaves

Sunny feels a bit ill and does not continue to chase her outwards. Her hatred to Zola and Lora is far from being able to remove by a few slaps.

Back in the room, sitting still for a while, she is a little restless.

Not afraid of revenge by Zola, but some things she feels it necessary to make clear to Gerry.

Since this marriage has lost its emotional foundation, there is no need to entangle it.

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