Chapter 1 - A Mysterious Man

Zola's trick is exactly the same as step-mother Lora who takes away his father from her mother.

Zola ignores Sunny's emotions and continues to say, "Sunny, You have to admit it! You are only interested in Gerry's money, and I am the one who loves Gerry most!"

Her words suddenly make Sunny's heart sink, and her eyes sweeps naturally towards the opposite Gerry.

Gerry secretly maintains a close relationship with Zola during his relationship with her?

"You two...?"

She should have thought that man like Gerry would not just have a woman.

The reason he will marry her is because of that accidental encounter.

Gerry's face doesn't panic, and he says coldly, "Sunny, you are not qualified to blame me!"

"So, did you plan it for a long time?" Sunny asks in her heart.

"Not really. I thought I will marry a woman who is pure and clean, but I didn't expect that you are so cheap!" Gerry responds coldly.

To Gerry's words, Sunny only feels a bit ridiculous. Man can play women as toy, and he must ask for his woman to be pure!

Although there is already a little complaint in Gerry, but thinking of what happened that night, Sunny could not help but says, "Seriously, Gerry, I was a little drunk that day. I thought the man in the room was you..."

"Sunny, do you treat me as an innocent kid? Do you think I will believe what you say now?"

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