Chapter 10 - Rejecting,Your Broken Promises

Alpha James

Blood Claw Pack

I can’t believe that someone had the nerve to help that girl. I clenched my hands again. I sent everyone away from the meeting hall and started questioning the whole hospital staff. I am so angry I can’t even speak correctly. I grind my teeth in fury, as I know what happened in the kitchen. That little bitch, who was responsible for killing my Luna, was my son’s mate. How could the Goddess do that to him, or to me? I was almost sick over it. She is nothing to this pack, to me, or to him. How is it possible for them to be mates?

It did explain why he took off like that and never came back. He knew, because he left right after turning 18, and never came back until now. How could this have happened? I want to kill someone for this. She didn’t just do this spur of the moment. She planned with that girl to leave. If they were here, I would ring both their necks. I growled out in frustration again.