Chapter 4 - Rejecting,Your Broken Promises

Percy’s POV

Ever Green Pack

I kissed Stephanie again before I left her cottage. I lingered on her lips, and I didn’t want to leave her, but my parent’s words kept running through my mind. Mom had to deal with a lot of jealous she-wolves when she came to Blood Rose, as the Luna. She knew firsthand how much that hurts to have to see, and deal with, the women who had slept with dad before he found his mate.

Dad told us when we had “the talk” when we both turned 14 that we needed not to mate with anyone, that we needed to stay loyal and wait for our mates. That way, when we did find them, there wouldn’t be any problems coming up when they came into our packs. I trudged back up to the packhouse and headed for the Alpha level. I am in the room next to my grandfather and grandmother, Heath and Von Poe. I can feel guilt rise up in me as I approach my room. They know I am going to visit her in her cottage, and they are not pleased about it. They have warned me before. In fact, neither of them liked her at all.

I will take over the pack after I find my mate, and I hope that it is soon, but then feel guilty thinking about betraying Stephanie like that. We had been friends since we were little, and then 2 summers ago, while we were at the lake, we really noticed each other. I started living here full time to be trained by my grandfather, Heath. After I graduated High School, I trained with him over the summer break and then I and my twin brother Dawson went to Alpha training. I remember that summer well as it was the first time that Dawson and I had been apart in our lives. I also remember it because Stephanie and I were both 18 years old, and could sense that although we were not true mates, her curvy body called to me, and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of me either. We have done everything but have sex. She still wants to and tried to pressure me into it again just tonight, but I refused.

I really focused on her pleasure tonight, to get her to stop trying to push me into giving in, and towards the end, I almost gave in and had sex with her tonight. I really want to sleep with her. She is perfection, and she knows I have a hard time resisting her. But then I remembered my mother’s face when she had told us about having to deal with the worst of the women that held out hope of being the Luna of Blood Rose. She had tears in her eyes even now, thinking about it, and it was 20 years later. That was a lot of pain she must have felt, and I knew it was so hard for her to deal with so many jealous she-wolves. Mom tells us all the time that we need to be careful, as some women will lie and do anything to become Luna, so guard our hearts. I believe Stephanie when she says that she loves me, but my wolf, Aramis, scoffs anytime she says it. He calls her a liar and tells me to avoid her.

I showered and got into bed. I checked my phone before I went to sleep and saw that Stephanie had sent me a sweet message and then I saw a photo of her barely covered ample chest. She knows my weakness, and she pushes me all the time. I groaned out in pain as my dick immediately sprang up and wanted relief. I guess I will be taking a second shower now. I know from both my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents that there is no one better for you than your mate. They drilled that into all of us as children. My great-grandparents, former Alpha Wells Black and Vera Black, are still the cutest together, and still hold hands whenever they can. They have all told me to wait for the tingles telling me that they are my mate, and not to fall for any of the women just wanting the title of Luna, but not our love.

I laid back down on my bed after drying off again and wondered what my mate would look like. Short or tall? Thin or curvy? I couldn’t care less, as I do know that she will be my other half and my perfect mate. I have been to several other packs, and I have not found her yet. I do hope she shows herself soon, as Stephanie really threw a fit tonight and kept it up until I agreed to accept her as my chosen mate if I haven’t found her by the time that I turned 23. I had just turned 20 in December and it is now the end of the first week of May, but I wish she wouldn’t pressure me like that. I already know that I would be hearing about it from many members of my family if it really came down to it. I know that I do not want a chosen mate, I want what the Goddess made especially for me. I closed my eyes, but my brain would not shut off. Actually, it is my wolf Aramis who keeps butting in.

“You know she has been with several others, Percy. She is not our pure mate. She knows that she will have an even bigger hold over you when you do mate her. She does not love us, she just wants to be Luna. She had done everything in her power to get you to notice her. Remember she graduated in May and had a B cup, and then 2 months later she is a DD. She did that to entice you”, Aramis told me in mindlink.

“Yes, and it is working, Aramis. She has a stunning figure now. She was fine before, but she is a Goddess now”, I linked back.

“I just want you to know that she does not love you. You have a mate out there who will love you, completely, not just to become Luna, you just need to be patient. Do not let her force you into saying things that you can’t fulfill. She is not the nice, sweet girl that you see, she is ugly to others, and she had the Luna position in her sights. I don’t want you to have a bad experience when you meet your mate. I am warning you now, that I will NOT accept Stephanie as my mate. You will be a wolf-less Alpha if that happens”. Aramis linked me back.

“Do not threaten me, Aramis, if I do decide to make her my Luna, you will just have to live with it. I am the one who is in control, not you. You need to understand that there are feelings involved, and I know she cares for me” I liked back to him. He knows that he is pushing my buttons as I feel my anger continuing to rise.

“Her feelings are that she wants to be the Luna of the Ever Green pack. It is a powerful and wealthy pack. That is ALL that she sees. Open your eyes before it is too late, Percy. She is not a nurturer, she is a taker, and I swear to you, I will not allow you to phase again if you take Stephanie as your chosen mate, over our Goddess-given mate”, Aramis tells me. I can feel him retreat to the corner of my mind and not respond again.

I know he can hear me, and I won’t allow him to have the last word. This may be petty and immature, but I said it anyway because he pissed me off, “Aramis, that is fine. I have mastered several fighting styles. I have mastered several weapons. I guess I just need to stay armed at all times since I can’t depend on you to allow me to phase”. I linked back to him.

He comes back quickly, “You are correct about what you said, but answer me this smartass. How are YOU going to mark anyone, without me?” Aramis said, and I could feel him smirk as he receded back into my mind. Fuck, he is right. I was angry and spoke out before thinking. My mom and Heath tell me about my temper all the time. To make good decisions, and I am not. Getting into a fight with my wolf over something that won’t happen for three years. That was stupid. How is he smarter than me, when we are the same being? I sighed out in frustration.

I rolled over to my side and looked at the wall. I will start looking for my mate again. I will pay more attention to the packs that Heath and I will be visiting. I will ask him to try to scent my mate while we are on our trip this coming weekend. I might find my mate soon, as we have not one, but two meetings this weekend. My friend Timothy is coming back from Alpha Training. He just graduated. He is about to pick a chosen mate, and he is even younger than me. I met up with him a few months ago and he was telling me that he had decided to take a chosen mate, that he was going to give up his true mate because she was a bad person.

My mother, father, and Heath would be the ones having the biggest problems with it if I were to take a chosen mate, and I already knew that I couldn’t hurt them like that. I will step up the mate search and do what I need to do to find my true mate. I know that both Dawson and I wanted to have our mates rule with us, as you can never be stronger than with your actual mate. He is holding out more than me, but that is probably because he still lives at Blood Rose with our parents. He is a little older than me and got the pack handed down to him, but luckily my grandfather had decided to give me his pack when I came of age and get my mate. I hate doing it to Stephanie, but I think we need more time apart, as she is just getting more and more possessive of me. I do not want to lose my birthright to have this pack taken away from me, because I am not thinking correctly. I can wait for my mate. No, I WILL wait for my mate. I am done with allowing Stephanie to lead me around by my nose.

I felt Aramis come forward again and tell me, “I will be making sure we find her, Percy. I want my mate. She is made for us, and there will never be anyone better than her for us. I cannot wait to find her. I will mark her quickly so she cannot get away from us”.

“I do too, buddy. We will find her. I will let Stephanie know, and break it off with her. That way she can find her mate too, and not be focused on me. She needs to move on as well. It is the least I can do for her. I know that she will be mad, but she needs her mate too”, I told him, and I am glad that we are back on the same page. I know he would never let me hurt myself. He is the voice of reason for me, and I trust him completely.

I will let her know tomorrow, and I grimace, as this will not be fun for me. She is going to be pissed, and I can remember her going off on someone last summer when we were both 19. She is a few months older than me. She arrived with her family from some rogue community. They split it up into several packs, including here at Ever Green, my parent's pack, Blood Rose, and another pack, Red River. There it is right there, as I remember my great-grandfather telling me that his grandson, Derek Stryker, was my mom's original mate, and he rejected her because he thought she was weak. Mom went through a lot of pain in her life, and I will patiently wait for mine. I go to sleep dreaming about finding my mate, I cannot wait to have her in my arms and feel the tingles that I have been told so much about. Katrina is a Healer