Chapter 6 - Rejecting,Your Broken Promises

Katrina’s POV

I didn’t have much and since I went down early in the morning, no one would see me. I took all my worldly possessions down in a plastic bag, and it looked pitiful. I didn’t have to hide it, it looked like a bag of trash, and no one would look twice at it. Two pairs of leggings, two t-shirts, my underwear, and socks. I had one pair of shoes that I was currently wearing and my hygiene items.

I stored it behind the big bags of flour in the corner, and my bag couldn’t be seen. I let the breath I was holding out, as that was going to be the hardest part. I took the bag out to the pack hospital when I went out to visit Amanda and she was going to take it out to her trunk when she went to lunch. I met with her inside one of the triage rooms and she quickly got me up to speed. I would meet her at 8 pm where her car was parked next to the pack hospital. Only the gate guards and the ones on patrol were exempt from going to the meeting. Oh, and me. I was not allowed to sully the space by coming to any of the pack meetings as I was not a member of the pack. I have been reminded of this too many times before, so it is common knowledge for the whole pack.

I would be setting up, before the event, as that was my job, but I was not allowed to be present for the actual meeting itself. Alpha James had ordered a huge cake to congratulate Timothy and Fallon on them becoming the Alpha and Luna of the pack. I would be glad I was gone before that vicious she-wolf drove this pack to its end. She was not going to be a good Luna. An attractive one, but not a good one. I have to admit I was sad looking at the cake on the table. It was very nice, and I got the other tables set up with punch and cups on three of the tables. Alpha James had spared no expense in making sure that we had everything looking perfect for the pack to look good as well for our visitors.

I let myself daydream for about two minutes about this being mine and Timothy’s announcement ceremony, and it brought a smile to my face. Even though I steeled my heart to him, I still got a flutter thinking of him. I really wish things were different between us. He had a special place in my heart and, if I am being truthful, I still love him. He hasn’t been driven completely out of my heart, but the damage is still there.

I heard a sound behind me in the room and turned to see Timothy standing there. He was silent as he approached me slowly. He stepped right up to me, and we had not been this close for two years. He had kept his distance from me since he turned 18, the month before me. I looked up into his eyes. He was 6’4 tall, a strong frame, with a sharp jaw and nose, blonde hair from his mother, and his father’s dark grey eyes. His cocky smile on his lips formed a smirk, and I could see all of his emotions swirling in his eyes. I inhaled quickly, looking at the storm I saw brewing in his eyes, and wondered if he was going to hit me when I smelled the most delightful smell. Sweet citrus, like an orange, with a vanilla undertone. He smelled wonderful to me.

My eyes flew up to his and he nodded and said, “Surprise, mate”. I quickly hugged him and looked up to show him how happy I was at finding my mate. The look on his face freezes me in place. He knew, he knew that I was his mate, and that is when he stayed away for the last two years. He didn’t come home for anything, because of me. He just stayed at Alpha Training, or his dad or Fallon went to him. All to prevent me from knowing that we were mates. This explains a lot of things, like why Fallon hates me so. Timothy's hate for me was so great, that he wouldn’t take the chance of seeing me before he could get engaged to Fallon, and claim her as his chosen Luna.

That hurt, and I knew it would only get worse. I let my arms drop from his chest that I was hugging, as I was 5’9” to his much taller frame. This is it. Of course, he is going to reject me. It is clear to me now what his plan was. He knew, so he had plenty of time to get his plan together. He was going to torment me, so the pain would be so much more when he dropped the hammer on me. My circle is complete. If the rejection kills me, so be it. One way or another, I want the pain that I have received here at the Blood Claw to end, so I guess this is the perfect way to accomplish it. I would be out of their hair for good now, I guess. I know for a fact that they will all be happier when I am gone.

I am not even going to brace for it. I welcome death now. I have no more strength to fight after this. My only hope had been finding my mate and maybe having a few pups. I wanted to be loved so much. I didn’t think that was too much for me to ask of the Moon Goddess. A loving mate, and two pups, but I guess it is not in the cards for me. I am not going to beg or plead for him to not reject me. If that is what he wants from me, he will be disappointed. I set up his party and helped place the cake, congratulating him and Fallon out on the table. He must think I am stupid to not know. I know a set-up when I see one.

If he wants stupid, he needs to go get with his chosen mate. Because she is the stupid one, why get engaged to someone who you KNOW for a fact has a mate? She should know how strong the bond is, she is playing with things that are beyond her control. What if her mate just pops up? What is she going to do then? I already know the answer. She is an opportunist, whoever can take better care of her, is who she will be going with. The one with the most money will win. I already know that for a fact. It is shameful but true, she doesn’t believe in the mate bond, she just wants what she can get for now. There is no way that this union will last, but I will accept his rejection when he gives it to me.

“Cat got your tongue? Do you have anything to say to me? Nothing to ask me?” Timothy smirked even bigger at me.

“No, I don’t. Just please get on with it”, I told him. I started to get concerned. I know that this is a setup because no one has come to yell at me for being in here this long. The party will be starting soon, and that takes pull, so either Fallon or Alpha James are on the sidelines waiting to come out and make this experience even worse than it already is. Goddess, just let this be over with quickly.

He appeared shocked by what I had just said to him, and I could see his anger at me rising. I watch as Fallon comes out of her hiding hole, with her cell phone in hand, as she had been recording this. Of course, she has. She has to get the last laugh and she wants my pain from the rejection saved for them to watch over and over. They have always believed that I was weak, but if it kills me, I will not give either of them the satisfaction of seeing me break because of this.

“What did you just say? I am the Alpha here. You do not command me, I command you. You are nothing, not even an Omega. You are basically a pack slave”, Timothy said to me, and I saw his hand rise up to strike me. I already knew he was mad enough to finally hit me, but I had hoped that it wouldn’t happen.

His hand connected with my face, hard. That is really going to leave a mark. I looked up at him from the floor and held my hand to my face. I stare at him, and Fallon continues to film me. I can see her eyes narrowing at me, as she is disappointed in my reaction. I didn’t cry or call out. I am just waiting for this to be over with. I don’t get time to get up from the floor when Alpha James enters the room smiling with several guests from other packs, and I am on the ground holding my cheek.

I see the smile fall from his face, and with 8 fellow Alphas behind him, I know that I will be in a world of hurt from him after the party and I am so thankful that I will be out of here before then. If I hadn’t already made plans to leave, I would probably have burst out crying right now.

“What in the hell are you three doing? We have visitors. Please conduct yourself better than that. Timothy, Fallon, please go on up to get behind the stage to get ready, and Katrina, please go back to your area. I will speak to you later about this”, he told me, and I nodded my head and jumped up quickly and left the room. I saw each of the men behind him watching me get up and run. I pray that I can get out of here now or this is going to be it for me. He would no doubt kill me for “ruining” Timothy being announced as taking over the Alpha position and that he and Fallon becoming chosen mates.

I headed back into the kitchen, and it was almost 715 pm. They will start the real announcements soon and I finished straightening up the kitchen for the last time. I get done with everything, and the room is spotless. It is the least that I can do for Abigail. I heard Alpha James start to talk at 730 on the dot. He is telling them about new projects that he and Timothy are thinking about pulling off in the near future, as well as bragging about his pack. Alpha James is full of hot air, and he could probably talk all night. I heard the door open, and I tensed up. Everyone was supposed to be at the meeting, so I knew without turning that it was either Timothy or Fallon or both of them.

I turned towards the door, and I saw Timothy standing there. He was no longer smirking. Now that he is not being filmed, he is not being his usual asshole self. He cleared his throat and then said, “I am sorry. But we both know that you were a mistake to be my mate. You are a slave here, and my dad would kill you if I accepted this bond. I have not told him, I was trying to save him that, and you as well, because we both know that he would have killed you before I came back. Fallon knows, she figured it out one day while we were talking. She hates you too, because she feels that you have no worth, and should not be paired with an Alpha. I know the Goddess has her reasons for putting us together, but I can’t see why she would. Even if you didn’t cause my mother to be killed, you were the reason that she was there, and therefore were partially responsible for her death. I can’t get past that, and I have put a lot of thought into it in the last 2 years”.

“Those wolves were not rogues, they belonged to a pack, and your father didn’t listen to me. He could have punished the men responsible, but he wanted to blame me for the whole thing instead. It was not my fault at all, she tried to protect me to the end. Her last words were to tell you and your father that she loved you both very much, and for me to hide until you both arrived to take care of me. I remember how much we liked each other. You were my first kiss, and I hoped you would be my mate. I loved you once, but with everything I have been put through, I am OK with accepting your rejection. I wish you well with your horrible chosen mate. Fallon will destroy this pack, but you are signing up for it. I have nothing else to say to you, Timothy” I said to him, and he got angry with me for talking about his mother, his father, and Fallon.

“Fine, let me get this over with then, as I have an engagement to announce. I, Timothy James, future Alpha of the Blood Claw pack, reject you, Katrina Andrews, Omega of Blood Claw, as my mate”, Timothy said quickly to me, and then hit his knees. I looked down at him in surprise and wondered why my pain was actually manageable. In fact, I have felt a lot worse pain in my life. What is wrong with me?

“Nothing is wrong with you”, I heard a voice speak out to me, and I looked around the room. But there was no one there except for Timothy, still writhing on the floor in pain.

“Who is talking to me?” I asked.

“Your wolf, I am finally unlocked as you met your mate. We are much stronger than him, and he doesn’t want us. I refuse to allow you to have any more pain if I can avoid it. So, I will carry the pain for you, as I am strong too. I can bear it for you, this is not the worst feeling I have felt either. Get in gear honey, we need to go home. I will explain on the way. Time is a wasting, and we have a way to go to get to the Royal Knight pack” the voice in my head told me.

“How did you know where we were going?” I asked out, scared that someone was aware of our plan.

“Let’s go! Someone will be in here soon and I can’t beat up a whole room full of people. We need to leave NOW!!” She told me and growled out the last word loudly. She is right. We need to leave now.

"I, Katrina Andrews, accept your rejection, Timothy James, Alpha heir to the Blood Claw Pack", I yelled back to him and turned to leave. I already know that I have got to hurry, I am really going to be hurt if someone comes in here and sees Timothy on the floor in pain. I ran out the back door and headed for the pack hospital, getting there at 758, right on time. I hope we can get out of here before someone comes after us. What Just Happened?