Chapter 5 - A Matter of Trust

After the boy left, he exploded. “Goddamn it, how long have you known me?” he shouted. “What in hell made you think that kid was even remotely acceptable?”

“Calm down. They can hear you in the kitchens. Everyone already knows you are one tough son of a bitch, is it necessary to constantly prove it?” Reed said wryly.

“That kid was a twink. I raised my voice and he cringed. What would he have done if I really blew my cool? Shit, he would be hiding under the table. I need a boy who respects me, not one who is terrified every time I bark.”

“Maybe you should try not barking so often. It would help your blood pressure to say nothing of making it easier to find you a sub.”

“I want a sub who accepts me as I am, Reed. I am thirty-five years old, and set in my ways. I am not likely to undergo a personality transplant for a sub that does not even wake up my prick. I’ve already told you several times, I do not want any Antonio look-a-likes. If you don’t pay attention to my preferences, every Goddamn interview will end the same way.”

“Every goddamned interview has ended the same way. You bellow, you pound your fist, but that does not get you one whit closer to finding a sub. It only frightens the pool of candidates.”

“Well, look in another pond. I’ve had it with interviewing greedy twinks. I watch their eyes. They have no interest in anything but my money and my status as Master in this club.

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