Chapter 2 - A Matter of Trust

I thought I could make him into the perfect submissive. I thought that with my training, any boy could be “my” boy. Antonio made all the right moves, he acquired the look, stance, and mannerisms of an extremely well-trained boy and was adept at the subtlety it took to hint at the fires that raged within him.

Even so, Bear was experienced enough to know that Antonio was all show and no go, and Bear was about to pull the plug and find the boy a more suitable placement.

It was ego, as well as sheer laziness and a lack of self-discipline on my part, which kept Antonio longer than the six weeks it took to make an assessment. Antonio was smart enough to read the prevailing winds and took off with an older and much wealthier rival. Cutting him loose without a settled position and contract was never my intention. He ran straight into the arms of a well-heeled club guest whose proclivities as a Dominant made the Marquis De Sade a pacifist and gave me permanent regret.

The Brat irrevocably changed Bear.

He violated Bear’s trust, attempted to steal money, which, under the circumstances, he would have received when Bear ended his contract. Antonio, however, did not possess an honest bone and therefore did not trust the initial promises Bear made to him should the match sour. At the first sign of Bear’s displeasure, he took off with what he thought was a richer, more amiable sucker he had been scouting.

The man was not an official member of the BDSM scene, and wasn’t registered with any of the tri-state clubs. He lured Antonio to him with the promise of no rules to follow or expectations to meet. He said to Antonio that he wanted his gorgeous Latino as an indulged pet, a beloved new toy. The man claimed he only wanted a young stud on his arm to play with and adore.

Antonio thought he was clever, but was in truth foolish, gullible, and vain. He left Trenton and Bear for the bright lights of the Big Apple. Six months later, Bear received a call from the Sixth Precinct of the NYPD to come to the city and identify the body. The police found Bear’s address clutched in the hand of a boy dumped in an alleyway off Seventh Avenue behind Weng-Feng Wok, a local Chinese restaurant. The owners, Misters Weng and Feng, discovered the body when they took the kitchen garbage out to the dumpster after a three A.M. closing. Bear vividly remembered the scene.

A Detective Sergeant by the name of Patrick O’Malley, a wiry Irishman from Homicide, brought Bear into the squad room.

“Take a seat, Mr. Drummond. As I explained to you on the telephone, we found your address clutched in the victim’s hand.”

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