Chapter 0 - A Mate for the Latecomer

Life was damn well going well for me again. Yeah you heard that right


Yes, I may have been locked up, mistreated, and banish from someplace because of something that never happens but it did. I was the only one who was banished but my parents who know the truth resign from the pack and we move to my dad's good old friend's pack.

The Alcaders were led by Alpha Lincoln Cruz back then now it's led by Josh Hamilton. He is the Alpha's nephew, he was made Alpha simply cause the Alpha's daughter Aberdeen now my best friend oblige to her parents.

She didn't want the title instead she became one of the pack warriors. Plus her mate didn't want to take over the pack as an Alpha. He loves his position as being the Beta.

Well, I guess being beta is hot, I mean you should have seen him yet he's my friend's mate. I have no feelings for him.

It's funny when we moved here I was not allowed to go anywhere else except to stay indoors. I was home school never allowed to meet anybody else except Aberdeen and Josh.

So after a year saw me being a good girl not causing any more trouble my parents finally decided to let me join the pack training and everything else associated with the pack.

Six months later on and I saw the proud look on my parent's faces when I graduated as one of the top warriors in the pack.

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