Chapter 0 - A Lovely Spendthrift

"I object..."

A girl's tender voice came out from the living room of a luxury villa.

The girl protesting at the moment, had a silky long hair and a pinky white Prada dress on her slim body, which highlighted her delicacy and nobleness.

Her almond eyes widened, glaring angrily at three handsome guys sitting in front of her. Her fair-skinned and delicate face flushed with dissatisfaction.

"It's not fair. I already got my driver's license three years ago. None of you have the right to forbid me from driving."

Ling Xiaoran, the girl's eldest brother, sat elegantly at the table of the luxurious dining room, having his breakfast leisurely.

He only gave a glance at this beauty for the question.

"If your memory system is working normally, you should remember how many penalty points have been recorded on your driver's license this year, and how many times the car has been repaired."

"Those were unexpected incidents..." The girl's voice obviously turned less confident.

" Your car hit the green belt without any blockage around. How did you manage to do that?"

Ling Junran, the second brother, shifted his gaze from the newspaper to the angry face of the beauty. "Yueyu, better accept Xiaoran's arrangement since your driving techniques are really terrible. In fact, I believe it is safer to have a chauffeur to serve you."

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