Chapter 1 - A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat

Li Qiufeng pushed open the door of the woodshed with a vermilion undergarment, a long white skirt and a pair of bright pink embroidered shoes in his hands. San followed him in with a wooden comb and a bronze mirror.

"Get up! You sleep like a log," San shouted to Dong Ci.

Ci woke up and licked her dry and cracked lips.

Li Qiufeng said to San, "Go and fetch water."

"Okay," San replied and made for the door. When he walked out of the woodshed, he gave a snort of disdain.

Before long he came back with a big wooden barrel and began to fill the barrel with water. Through a haze of steaming water, he saw Ci trembling slightly.

San slavered, but soon came to himself and went out. In the yard, he kicked a stone and it bounded forth a long distance.

Ci took off her clothes and got into the wooden barrel with her eyes closed. A few lice immediately appeared on the surface of water. The lice were good at swimming, so they wouldn't be drowned for the time being. The noxious sore on the crown of her head tickled because of getting wet. She couldn't help but scratch it and blood was promptly pouring from the wound. Soon the water turned light red.

Li Qiufeng said, "Bent down!"

The girl had delicate skin, a slender waist and a jutting collarbone. He soaped her back which didn't feel smooth because it was too dirty.

He picked up a crude brush which was used for brushing cattle and horses, and began to brush the dirt off her back, black water streaming down. Ci moaned with tears, "My back is paining…"

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