Chapter 5 - A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat

The night was dark and a bright moon climbed high in the sky. Nima Mansion was bathed in the silvery light. Ci lay on the bed with a piece of chiffon over her chest. A gentle breeze was blowing and the air was full of the sweet aroma of flowers. There were wild cats chasing and playing in the courtyard. A black and white cat lay prone on the windowsill. Its eyes were green, mysterious and beautiful, like two will-o'-the-wisps.

The family retainer, Liao Yong stood outside the room and hammered at the door-- "Bang, bang, bang!"

Ci got up to open the door.

Then she saw an expressionless face. Liao Yong was tall and aloof.

"Follow me," said Liao Yong, enunciating every syllable distinctly.

Ci glanced at him and replied, "Okay."

Nima's bedroom was big, so his bed was big too. After taking Ci to the bedroom, Liao Yong wisely left.

"Come here!"

Nima was naked and his strong thighs were furry. Ci wondered how long it would take to burn up the hair on his legs with a candle. It must take a long while.

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