Chapter 0 - A love to last

G E N T L E K N O C K I N G on the large wooden doors of the room woke Freya from her deep sleep. She shifted under her warm, heavy blankets, blinking a few times as her eyes tried to adjust to the bright morning light. 190

The knocking sounded again and the girl pushed her lethargic body into a sitting position, pulling down the pastel pink nightgown that had pooled around her hips as she slept and rubbed at her honey brown eyes with both fists. "Come in," she called out, clearing her voice to rid it of its usual morning croak.35

A head popped around the corner of the doors, blue eyes settling on the girl's small form which was swamped by the king-sized bed and mounds of pillows and blankets. "Good morning, Miss Karol," the maid said as she stepped foot inside the bedroom, a silver tray laid in her arms. "I hope you slept well."71

A grin lit up Freya's features as she spoke. "Morning Kendra," she chirped in a melodic voice. "I slept very well, thank you. How about you?"43

Kendra's polite smile turned genuine as she looked down at her. The maid had always held a soft spot for the precious, innocent girl. She was different from the rest of her hard-headed family. "I slept wonderfully, Miss," Kendra said truthfully. The rest of the girl's family may not have been particularly kind to her, but the job paid well and the bedroom she was given was much more luxurious than what others in her line of work received.4

"Good," Freya beamed, eagerly hopping out of bed as Kendra set the tray down on the small table in front of the right side window. "What's for breakfast today?"1

"Waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and melted chocolate," Kendra took the lid off the tray, showcasing her work. "Your favourite."207

A predictable blush coated the young girl's cheeks as she shyly stared down at her hands. "You didn't have to do that for me, Kendra," Freya said softly. Kendra shrugged in response. She knew the girl would have been ecstatic with a simple bowl of cereal, but that was exactly why the girl's old maid went to the extra lengths to make her favourite foods.75

Freya couldn't hide the grin that had spread over her lips at the smell of food. She skipped over the table, seating herself instead of waiting for Kendra to pull her seat out for her, and excitedly dug in.86

Kendra smiled at the young girl before exiting the room. Freya didn't notice her favourite maid leave the room as she stuffed her mouth with a fresh strawberry, completely distracted. Her mind shifted through the clothes she had in her expensive closet, trying to pick out an outfit for the first day of the school year.97

Her parents had attempted to convince her that a private tutor in the safety of their own home would be much better than the local public school, but Freya refused. She was not so ignorant as to not realise that her family was wealthy, and where most people would have flaunted that fact, it embarrassed her. She had already been given a large advantage in life because of the money and status her family held, so she preferred to be normal in at least one aspect of her life.12

So, school it was.119

Freya quickly finished her breakfast in record time, rushing over her closet as she had finally put together an outfit in her mind. She slid open the doors to her spacious walk-in closet, her love for the colour pink suddenly becoming obvious.59


The closet was filled with almost too short skirts and designer blouses at her mother's insistence, though Freya had managed to convince her to at least buy them in her favourite colours. 1

Pink and white. 434

Of course, her mother had weaselled in some reds, blues, and even some light greys here and there, but that was all Freya would allow. Any other clothing was stuffed in the back of her drawers, never to be seen again. 39

Freya almost shivered as she remembered the one time her mother had attempted to make her wear black. Horrible memories. 909

The girl skipped over to where her blouses hung neatly, sliding her hand over the various materials until she reached the one she wanted. A slightly cloudy sheer, white button-up blouse with a rounded collar and short sleeves. She grinned, jumping over to where her skirts hung in the same fashion as her blouses and repeated the process until she came to a white, pleated skirt. 99

Freya eagerly unclipped the piece of clothing from its hanger, placing it, along with the blouse on the large, round, velvet ottoman that stood proudly in the centre of the room. It was, of course, a warm shade of pink. She grabbed her favourite pair of pink vans that laid amongst the rest of her shoes, placing them on the floor next to her clothes. 93

Finally noticing the time, she quickly stripped herself of the cotton dress she wore, pulling on her blouse as she huffed. She had taken a little too long picking out her clothes this morning. 61

She finally finished, pulling on her shoes as she glanced at the clock on her wall once again. 1

8:16 212

Her eyes widened slightly and she sprinted out of the room, quickly grabbing a long, pink, woollen cardigan along with her white book bag. She flew down the stairs, only then seeing her reflection in the mirror and almost squealed. Her naturally wavy, red hair was a mess, and she had no time to fix it. 95

She groaned, praying to god that her driver had a comb as he always seemed to for some reason. Probably because of the number of times she had rushed out of the house with a bird's nest on top of her head. 13

She bounded towards the door, a deep voice behind her stopping her as she twirled around, throwing her arms around the tall man. "Have a good day at school, princess," Freya's father said in a soft voice reserved just for her. 14

"I will, papa," Freya giggled before escaping from his embrace and racing out the door. 211

"See you this afternoon," she called out behind her before slipping into the open car door. She thanked Jon, her driver as he sent her a smile before closing the door behind her.

As he slid into the driver's seat, Freya opened her mouth to ask for a comb when he held his hand out behind him, the very object already held in his palm. She smiled sheepishly at the kind man and grabbed the implement, immediately running it through her fiery locks.2

Freya opened the mirror that was installed in the back of the head of the driver's seat, brushing out her waves until they looked presentable enough to be seen in public.

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