Chapter 1 - A Love Song For Liars (Triology)

"Sorry I'm late. Car trouble."

I trip into the cafe, and Avery looks up from her table.

"I did bring you presents, through. Check your e-reader." \

My friend grabs her tablet from her bag.

"Oooh! How many books did you get me?"

"Ten? Twelve?"

I laugh.

"You're going away. You'll need some new material."

"You're the best!"

She informs me when I finish telling her about the mix of fiction and non fiction I picked out. We go to the counter, and I order a peppermint tea.

"How was rehearsal?"

Avery asks while we wait. I fill my friend in on what happened with Carla, and her eyes widen.

"The bitches tried to stop me driving away from the crime scene."

I finish.

"Sabotaging your ride is a new low. She's escalating."

I roll my eyes.

"Carla can't stand people taking things she wants."

"It's more than that. You're a traitor to an income bracket."

Avery says, mock chastising.

"Writing essays about how her dad and a bunch of others are destroying the middle class through their greedy empires and campaigning with the administration to spend our community involvement hours with actual disadvantage people instead of working with fancy ad agencies on shiny posters for environmental groups."

Her smile fades.

"For real, through. Why is this High School Musical fantasy is so important to you? In a year, we'll both be at Columbia, and this will all be behind us."

My tea is set in front of me, and I reach for it.

"She doesn't get to decide who has a voice, on stage or anywhere else."

Avery follows me back to our table.

"So, how'd you get here if they fucked up your ride?"

"Timothy fixed it."

I glance at her empty mug.

"Do you want another Americano to get through calculus?"

Hands grip my arms, and in a second, I'm looking straight into my friend's dark, dancing eyes.

"No, I do not want another Americano. I want to know in what world Timothy Adams was elbow deep in your business?!"

Avery's smart. Like, next level. She's the head of debate team and the newspaper, she's taking all AP courses, and she doesn't miss a beat. Her dad moved here from Nevada and met her mom at Spain before they came to Texas. Mr. Spade knows my stepmom because Haley's in software too.

"When was the last time you and Mr. Pool House (Timothy Adams) talked about something other than who ate the last Cheerios?"

She presses.

"Four months?"

"Which is weird given you've been living together for the better part of a semester and you were friends before that."

Yes, we were friends. Or whatever you call it when you hang with someone incessantly, argue over bands until three in the morning, and take over diner booths across an entire city on an epic quest to find the best cheese fries. When I met Timothy, he was part of a community outreach program at my dad's label in Philly for kids from troubled backgrounds. He was talented and gorgeous, but none of that was what attracted me to him. There was a deeper pull. I knew Timothy had seen some shit the way you can tell when another person's been through it. Still, anytime I asked about his family, he shut me down. When my dad finished the album, we moved back to Dallas, but Timothy and I stayed friends.

"Remember when he moved here from Philly to work with your dad and everyone at school lost their designer shit over him?"

Avery muses.

"Oakwood should've eaten him alive, but they didn't."

And that's what I hate the most. The boy I trusted, my partner in crime during one of the most tumultuous periods of my life, traded my friendship for theirs.

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