Chapter 1 - A Knight for All

Edward raised his gaze to Gregory’s face. “I welcome you gladly. I know you will do well in tomorrow’s tournament.”

Gregory took a large swallow of the ale the barmaid set down. “Are you also going to participate?”

Edward smiled. “Nay, I leave such things for younger men these days.”

Gregory snorted. “You are not so old. You are of the same age as me.”

“True, but I have allowed myself to grow soft while you have maintained an admirable body.”

Gregory’s gaze turned serious and he studied Edward for several moments in silence. “You do not look soft to me, Edward,” he said after a while. “In fact, you are a fine man still. I…I hope you have asked to see me like this because—”

It was Gregory who bowed his head and Edward noticed the twin red spots on his cheeks. Gregory growing bashful? It did not seem possible.

Edward reached for Gregory’s hand under the table and grasped it in his once more. “Is there somewhere we can go where we might have our reunion more privately?”

“God, yes. Let’s get out of here.”

* * * *

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