Chapter 4 - A Knight for All

“I love you,” she whispered.

“And I you.” Unable to continue lying still within, Edward pulled out nearly all the way, then pushed back in.

“Yes,” Katherine cried.

Lacing his hands through hers, he plunged into her. Over and over, thrusting into her moist heat. The feel of her erect nipples rubbing against his chest tightened his balls. He needed to release, but wouldn’t until she did.

Releasing one of her hands, he inched his hand down to between their bodies, probing for her clit.



Alternating between stroking and flicking it, Edward drove into her faster and harder.

“Come for me, my love,” he urged. He couldn’t last much longer.

She trembled beneath, clenching her legs around him.

“Ahhhh,” she screamed.

He snapped his hips, thrusting and pouring into her as she clenched around his shaft.

A little while later he pulled out of her and pulled her to him. He kissed the top of her raven locks.

Katherine rested her hand over his heart. “I should be rising and dressing for the tournament.”

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