Chapter 0 - A Heartthrob Dweeb Book I

"Let's just.. break up, Tar."

"Why? Why Jane?"

"I can't take it anymore, I can't take their bashful words!"

"W-why? What are they blabbing about?"

"That.. that we shouldn't be together and they knew that you like guy, Tar don't get me wrong but I think too that they we're right. But pleasee.. I hope you will not change, Tar I know that I'm too lucky to have you, to be your girlfriend, you're handsome, you're an opulent person, a genius student, and you're really attractive. I know you can find a person who's better than me," my tears fell off as it rolls down on my cheek not because she break up on me, but on what she said that I liked a guy. I'm so idiot that I force myself to be a man for her and all she fret is what others think of us.

She turned her back on me while crying and it took a minute for surroundings to be quite, I turn to opposite of her direction and walking slowly while my tears are falling down continuously.


I immediately opened my eyes as I heard the noise coming from my door because it's too loud.

"Nii-san! The police are here! They're looking for Tareon!" my sister shouted and I stand right away and open the door, but instead the face of Mel I was expecting to see, there's none. I immediately went down to the stairs but I didn't saw anyone, specially what she mentioned is the police! I annoyingly go to her room and I only hear her evil laugh as pro bawdily.

"HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!" I just frilled at her because I don't want to ruin my ruined day! Kidding, I just don't want to ruptive in my first day in first year college.

After I done taking a shower I immediately wear my scafferied uniform, I go downstairs when I done fixing myself and wearing an eyeglass.

"Mel! The breakfast is ready!" I clamor at my sister who's inside her room.

"Make it faster! We're going together.. that's what mother said," I clamor again.

"Really nii-san? Mom's here?" she shoaled back and she get out of her room.

"Stupid! She just send a message, and you will say she eventually here? Wait! Can you just get down here! The food will be cold!" I annoyingly shout at her and after a while I hear the crack noise of the stairs.

"Whowww! Why you look so fit? With matching eye glasses? Ohmyghad?! What is that? New!? Coooool!" she said complimenting my outfit today.

"Thank you," I shortly reply.

"That's pretty and for sure no one will bother to look at your face," she added and then sit on her chair, she get a plate and put a food on it.

"HAHA, you're kinda stupid my younger sister. That's not it.. I just wanted something new to show off okay?" I said complaining her message. Don't mind my words, she's just used to it and she don't want me to change my expressions. I put food on my plate too and eat it.

"Ohhh.. okay," she said. A moment of silence came in, but she broke it.

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