Chapter 0 - A GENIE'S WISH

"Love is but a greedy thing, a strong forge of lust that even magic can't cease cause love, is a magic itself. A magic by which no one, nothing can restrain but love itself."

Not long before human world was in unity with the world of magic, Magus; magicians, sorcerers, conjurer, enchanters, necromancers, wizards and the abided clan of the genies, the world has come to the peak of unity. Genies were never part of Magus as they were disregarded by the Magus king, the king of all the kings, King Harlequin, for being impudent with the forbidden rule among mankind and Magians. It was long before since mortals have accepted the factuality of being indifferent among Magians. Thus, indifference was never a hindrance with how mankind and magians created a world with no scratch of darkness until such time, the crown prince of the genie clan, Prince Albion had instinctively fallen for a human, which had been the nascence of the sacred brim of the human world and the great world of Magic, Magus.

The rupture of the forbidden law caused the clan of the Genies to be completely thrown out not only in the bloodline of magians but also totally out of the magus. And by which they were granted a punishment of being enclosed in small, with pointed openings and a handle, which seemingly the genie cage was soon called, kettle.

Never, in a lifetime would they be free from the portals of their cage unless being caressed by whoever would discover the dismalness of their cage. And as part of having to hold the bloodline of magic, they would serve and grant three wishes for their discoverer.

King Harlequin, on the other hand, never thought of going further with the punishment of the genie clan as the genies, not so long ago from the origination of their great land, Genies were the ones who protected their world as they were only the clan to have held such power to create barriers on the borderlines of witches from their world itself. King Harlequin half-heartedly bestowed such ruthless punishment as he hasn’t had any other choice but to do so as Queen Merlin, Prince Albion's mother had been such a great source of the augmentation of their bloodline.

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