Chapter 0 - A Farewell to Mr. Luo

In the delivery room of the largest hospital in Jincheng, Xia Weiwei was screaming in pain. Tightly clutching the bedspread underneath, she felt tearing pain from her lower body and couldn't stop shaking all over.

God, it hurt so much!

Grinding her teeth in pain till her lips ruptured, Xia Weiwei pushed hard under the doctor's instruction. This was her long-awaited child, the child of her and Luo Chejue!

Jue. Xia Weiwei turned to look at the door in anticipation. How she hoped that Jue could have been with her at this very moment!

Blood gushed out from her open legs. A nurse noticed her distraction and said: "There's no one outside. If you go on like this, your child will be in danger."

Xia Weiwei's pale lips revealed her frustration and self-mockery. Right, how would he have come? He hated her to the core. Even though this was his child, he would not bother to come and have a mere look.

All she had now was this child, and nothing should happen to the child!


Xia Weiwei pushed with all her might, trying to bring her child to the world. Her face was crimson with exertion and her body slightly bent due to the effort.

Finally, feeling a relief from her lower body, Xia Weiwei fell back onto the bed, as if all her strength had been drained and, panting weakly, she heard a baby's cry.

A soft smile appeared on her face, and she twitched her lips with effort: "My baby... Let me see it..."

The nurse was just about to put the child next to her, someone suddenly came in and snatched the child away.

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