Chapter 1 - A Fake Scheme #1

*Prathap Pov*

Ugh! This is child abuse for sure and maybe I can try to sue him for forcing me to sit here and work on something I am not interested in.

It’s been three years and I am already 27 but he is still insisting on me to continue working here. I am 27 for god’s sake and I shouldn’t be doing all this.

“Sir! You have a meeting scheduled within an hour.” I turned my seat to look at my pitiful secretary.

Maybe even he can sue me along with my Dad for forcing him to work for me like this. I sighed glancing at the file he placed near my sight.

“Do you know what important meeting we need to have right this moment?” I asked closing the file to stare at him.

“Prepare on how to deal with the later meeting, Sir.” He replied with a confident look but I shook my head losing the hope that he is not made for me.

“No! Prepare the energy to bear with the later meeting.” Saying that I stood up and took my coat from the hanger before stepping out of the cabin while he rushed behind me by calling my name.

When we reached my favorite place, I smiled before standing in the queue and he followed my suit.

I waved at the canteen staff before checking out the food while checking which needs to be tested today. They gave their opinion and I finally chose two from the menu before sitting on the corner table.

“Why are you eating in such a rush? Food needs to be enjoyed properly. Do you know how much effort it takes to cook?” I asked frowning at my assistant while he kept on mumbling that we need to prepare for the meeting.

I shook my head and turned a bit only to stiffen when I found my best friend walking towards the canteen which is not a weird thing as he is the Vice-President of this company already at 31.

But the person beside him who seems to be really close to him. I turned towards my assistant before gesturing her and he nodded before explaining everything he knows.

“She is a model who is getting popular with every commercial she is doing but the main gossip is her connection to the Vice-President.” He explained and I frowned at him.

“Connection?” I asked not believing it as Vikranth is not someone to be in gossips with any woman in the company atmosphere no matter how much time passed as he is a workaholic and work passes even through his veins. So even his relations are always disconnected from the company completely which showed that those were never serious at all.

“Yes! He is giving her attention for the past month and a few rumors circling the company. As this is the first time to have a rumor from Vice-President, everyone is showing too much attention.” He continued and I glanced at the said couple as it doesn’t feel normal between them.

That thought caused me to feel the hope that I never felt the moment I fell for Shrishti, my other best friend as she is always thinking about Vikranth and no one else even though we both are of similar age and spent more time together.

Shrishti and I wouldn’t have been friends with him if not for our fathers to work under Vikranth’s. Talking about my father, I got disturbed with his call which I am sure to remind me of the meeting.

“Learn more about those rumors and the truth behind them.” I ordered him before getting up and left the canteen not falling in his sight.

“Why are you not preparing for the meeting?” Dad barked the moment I stepped into my cabin.

“I went to have lunch which you should too. Do you want me to suggest the dishes you may like?” I asked walking leisurely towards my chair.

“Do you have any idea how important this meeting is for your career?” he shouted slamming the file.

“How important? Can you give the key points so that I need not go through this file?” I asked folding my hands and it feels like he just turned into a pressure cooker.

“Look at Vikranth and how much he is walking in his father’s steps but look at Shrishti and you. When will you both listen to us?” he asked frowning.

“Uncle is fine with Shrishti’s job choice and why can’t you learn the same? Vikranth’s passion is this work and he is doing it. I want to do the same and I will.” I replied not at all in the mood to hear all that.

“What do you mean?” he asked frowning.

“Wait for my resignation letter soon to appear on your table.” I replied and he gave a disbelief look.

“And? What will you do? Can you open a restaurant with the funds you have?” he asked scoffing and I fisted my hands.

“Don’t worry about me like that, Dad. I already have my plans and now please leave my cabin.” I said gesturing the door and he frowned at me but went on his way.

This will be the last month and I can finally leave this place for sure. I know he wants me to walk Vikranth’s path but that is just not for me.

Then Shrishti will give up on him and then I can finally… I took a deep breath


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