Chapter 5 - A Deal With The Millionaire

Chapter 06

" Huh? " Layla asked in disbelief.

" Am sorry, I shouldn't have said that " He apologized and Layla smiled lightly, she wasn't expecting that, tho she had planned to leave but she never expected he would call her back.

" It's fine sire, I guess I overreacted too " She replied slowly, fondly with her fingers.

" You should just call me Shane, so you would get used to it before the day " Shane said trying his best to be nice and she nodded.

" A part of the contract says you aren't allowed to inform anyone else, but... " He paused glancing at Mirah who bent her head immediately.

" Ah, it's fine, she's my best friend, she wouldn't tell anyone " Layla defended and Mirah nodded in support.

" Alright then, you girls should please wait, my Pa would be here soon, you have to sign some papers " He said and Layla muttered an * oh *

" I'll excuse you two then " He said and with that walked away while Layla watched as he ascended the stairs.

Mirah grabbed Layla immediately to herself while Layla raised her brow.

" Was that really Shane Kent? " She asked with widened eyes and Layla nodded.

" Wow, he's really handsome " She said and Layla nodded again in agreement.

" But why was he acting nice, I thought he's cold with the way he always has this cold look on during interviews,, he even called us back and apologized " Mirah said unbelievably and Layla nodded.

" You sure this is the third time you're meeting him? " Mirah asked suspiciously.

" What're you thinking about? " Layla asked, freeing herself from Mirah's grip.

" I'm just saying, it looks like he didn't want to lose you or something, I mean he could give the contract to someone else and they would gladly accept that huge offer " Mirah said and Layla scoffed.

" He's only acting like that cause he thinks I wouldn't reveal his secret to no one, which I wouldn't, cause it's none of my business.. I just wanna help him, make money to take care of dad and our fees and that's all, we're never meeting again " She explained and Mirah nodded.

" I hope his Pa arrives soon, I'm kinda hungry " Mirah said and Layla chuckled before her eyes did the feasting around the living room.

It's so cozy and everything in it looks expensive, even the luxurious furnitures.

Layla kept pondering about what Mirah had just discussed with her.

She's right, why does he care?.

He's probably stressed out 'cause of the emotional trauma his fiancee had caused him and doesn't want any form of argument.

She isn't sure if that's accurate, but she believes it is. Not like they knew each other or something.


" Sir, I'm here " Claus announced as he walked into Shane's large suite which looked like a mansion on its own.

" Give those documents to her to sign and ensure you explain the rules to her " Shane said, coming out of the inner room and Claus nodded.

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