Chapter 6 - A Deal With The Billionaire


THEME: Passionate moments



Jessica snuggled closer to Christopher while he pressed a kiss in her hair. He hasn't been able to fall asleep due to the excitement stirring up inside him. He had stayed awake for over an hour now just watching his girlfriend and listening to her mumbling incoherently in her sleep.

"Babe, are you awake?" He asked in a tight whisper.

"Hm... you didn't get any sleep?" Jessica mumbled.

Christopher hummed a positive response. He couldn't dare to close his eyes due to the fact that his subconscious was was at alert because of the proposal plans. He tried to detach from the embrace but Jessica held on to him tightly and she wouldn't let go.

"How long are you staying in Idaho?" Jessica asked. She enjoyed what they had shared and still wanted his warmth and more of him.

Christopher knew what was at stake. He can't afford to mess up the whole plan. "If you treat me right, I might stick with you for a week." He answered.

"That... sounds good." Jessica withdrew from the embrace but she straddled him almost immediately. "Lucky you, I am off work tomorrow." She leaned down with her lips almost touching his lips.

"Where are your bags?" She trailed one of her fingers on his lips.

Christopher hand reached out to remove strands of hair from her face. "Somewhere safe." He muttered.

Jessica arched her brows. "In the booth?"

Christopher shook his head in disagreement. "We need to go somewhere. I have something to show you." He said.

Jessica removed the bedcover which was a barrier to their unclad bodies. "We can do that tomorrow but for now..." She leaned up, placed her hands flat on his chest and began to ground him slowly. "We should enjoy this moment." She bit down on her lower lip.

Christopher groaned in satisfaction as he closed his eyes. God! He wanted this forever! He can't seem to get enough of this woman. The feeling of his cock getting erected by the constant fiction of her wetness on him made him want more of Jessica Campbell. And he wanted nothing more than for her to be his wife so then could live together forever and explore more of these moments.

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