She glanced around the room, taking in the apartment's minimal furnishings: a couch, a small table with two chairs, a few lamps, a stereo, but no television. His bedroom sat off to the right, where the open door allowed her to see a small night table and a rumpled bed. The kitchen was merely a room divided by a small, three-foot bar.

He liked the place, even though the neighborhood was rough and the tenants noisy. It wasn't home, but then he'd never really had a home, at least not one of his own. He'd lived with Rick Sanchez a while, and that had seemed as close as he'd ever get to having a family. But that was before Rick died. Ever since, his life had been centered on taking care of Rick’s daughter. Where he lived was a trivial matter.

He waited to see Bonnie's reactions to the apartment, but she didn't so much as blink. After a brief smile, she set the basket on the table, then opened it with a flourish. David had to say something….

“I know it’s not really a hotel as i said last night, and it’s not …much, but it’s comfortable and it’s not like it’s permanent…so”

Bonnie blinked at him. “I think it looks great” she said and flashed him a quick, sweet smile. "I brought blueberry muffins, sausage links and fresh fruit….and coffee."

He was touched, he couldn't help it. "I can't believe you made me breakfast."

"It's not fancy, but you didn't strike me as a man who would want escargots so early in the morning." she said.

He grimaced, then ended with a smile. "And you didn't strike me as the type who would cook for a man."

"I like to cook….I learnt it from my grandmother. My mother thinks it's some faulty gene inherited from my ancestors. But since I'm not married, I don't get to indulge very often."

"What about dates? You could do some real nice entertaining in your house."

She busied herself with setting out the food. "I don't go out much….and you might not believe it, but i don't have a lot of friends"

He wasn't immune to her vulnerability. He reached out and touched her hand. "No woman has ever cooked for me before." he said softly.

She stared at him, shocked. "You're kidding."

Feeling a little stupid now for mentioning it, David shook his head. "Nope."

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