Chapter 4 - A Cute Girl Crossing into a Rat

The Nima Mansion had an air of opulence and grandeur. The two white marble lions in grotesque shape, guarded the gate and two red lanterns were shining in the night. Ci stood at the gate and refused to walk on. Nima asked with a puzzled look, "What's wrong?"

"Do you know which one of these two lions is male and which one is female?"

Nima was stunned by her questions. After thinking for a moment, he answered, "Next to the male lion is the female lion. Next to the female lion is the male lion."

"The one holding a ball is the male lion and the other one holding a small lion in its arms is the female," Ci smiled.

Why did Ci smile? Every woman wanted to belong to a strong, handsome man.

Nima had three wives. His first wife, Ju Juxian, was the elder female cousin of younger female cousin of the Emperor and three years older than Nima. She had a dull and dry character and people around her always felt respect for her. But it was not a good thing because her husband respected her but lost interest in having sex with her. So she had no child up to now. Ju Juxian wanted to get pregnant but she was sterile now.

Nima's second wife, Ji Jing was a native of this place. Her father made a living as a fisherman and was a total poor man compared with Nima. So he spent a lot of money on hiring the most famous woman matchmaker in the town. Finally, he was successful in marrying his daughter to Nima and got many treasures from his son-in-law. "It's good to have a daughter. I can sell her for money." Ji Jing's father always took great pride in his wise decision.

Nima's third wife, Yang Zhen, had been an actress. When Nima was unable to fall asleep, he would ask her to sing and act, in costume and make-up. She danced around him and lowered her head, revealing her snow-white neck, which was drop-dead sexy. Nima liked women who were good at singing, just like some rich merchants who liked chasing female stars in the 21st century.

When Ci walked into the drawing room, Ju Juxian and Ji Jing were chatting with each other and Yang Zheng, who had just finished dinner, was drinking sweet-sour plum juice with ice cubes and honey. Yang Zheng lightly stirred the juice with a spoon and drink it down in one draught, feeling completely refreshed as she narrowed her eyes with satisfaction. Recently, she suffered from constipation. Drinking sweet-sour plum juice could moisten her throat and treat her constipation.

"She's my new maid." Nima sat down on a chair and shook his body. "Bring me some food. I'm still hungry."

Ci stood in the middle of the drawing room and greeted the three women with curtsies.

Although the summer night was hot, the room was cool.

Yang Zheng immediately said, "This girl is really beautiful and I like her. Master, can you give her to me?"

Ci looked at Nima quietly.

"Give her to you? Are you kidding? I just took her back to my house." Nima fanned himself and continued, "If you want her, you can have her after I'm tired of her."

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