Chapter 5 - A Contract Marriage With My Boss

Charles looked cool, overbearing, and fickle, but as a lover, he was surprisingly gentle. He respected Sarah's opinion and always made a decision based upon what she wanted. This made Sarah feel like a genuine connection with Charles might actually be possible.

It had never occurred to Sarah that Charles could be so tender and gentle. When they went out for a date, Charles always let her decide what she wanted and never forced her to do anything she didn't want to do. Charles gave her the feeling of romantic love, so Sarah thought that maybe she had misjudged him before.

However, sometimes she became suspicious, wondering whether Charles was gentle to every woman that he interacted with and not just her. Did Charles truly love her?

She tried to gauge the answer from his eyes, but she was unable to read him. In her presence, Charles was very tender and affectionate, which confused her even further. Sarah knew that Charles was fickle in love, and it wasn't easy for him to truly fall in love with a woman. On the other hand, she couldn't fathom why he would only pretend to be affectionate to her.

Charles was very high-profile. It seemed that he was happy to let their love be public. Every day, he picked her up and stayed with her, which made their relationship quickly known by everyone in the company. Everyone now knew that Sarah was their president's girlfriend. This all made Sarah a little embarrassed because she was used to keeping a low profile. All in all, their love had a bad influence on the dynamic of the company, but Charles didn't care about that.

Perhaps, the notion of romantic privacy was, in fact, the one thing that Charles didn't respect her opinion on.

Sometimes, Charles would buy an enormous bunch of flowers for her, which were so big that even her entire desk was unusable. Women envied Sarah when they saw Charles' extravagant romantic gestures and would whisper about it privately amongst themselves.

Sarah couldn't refuse his gestures, of course, as Charles was too overbearing. Moreover, she enjoyed it, because she felt that above all, it was really sweet to be loved by someone.

Sarah's birthday was in a few days. As it happened, she was really looking forward to this birthday. Since her younger sister studied in another city, she had always celebrated her birthday on her own before. Even though there were one or two friends around, she still felt alone when she came home and saw her empty room.

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