Chapter 7 - My Mate

Hope POV

The way Zayn's looking at me makes my heart beat fast and I feel my cheeks heat up. What is wrong with me? I ask myself. He's wearing a gray suit which does nothing to hide his muscles. He is so gorgeous yet intimidating, his aura is powerful and dominating, his presence alone commands attention and respect. He says hello to both my parents then both the Alpha and Luna walk up to us.

"Hope you look gorgeous" Luna says and his dad nods in agreement. He pats Zayn's back smiling. Kyle and Matt are already sitting down Zayn takes out a seat for me to sit down next to him. I look around and see Jason with his family and Eric and April together with their families. This is the first time that each family has an assigned table. Usually we could sit where ever we wanted. From across the room I see Crystal glaring at me and she turns around when my eyes meet hers. I get this sudden feeling of jealousy when I notice how many she-wolves watch Zayn like he's a