Chapter 1 - A Contract Marriage With My Boss

Sarah stood up and watched the woman go. She clenched her fist before she went into the messy room. She still had her head lowered and kept silent.

Charles looked at her, smiling, "Come here and dress me!"

She clenched her fist again and then walked over to him. She told herself to focus only on his clothes so that she couldn't see anything that would hurt her. However, when buttoning up his clothes, she was able to see red marks under his shirt and the woman's lipstick. She couldn't keep herself from crying.

He lifted her chin and squinted, "What's wrong? Why are you so sad?"

She gritted her teeth and turned her head away from him. Charles sneered at her, provocatively, "Don't you allow me to touch you? Why do you look like you're in such pain when I make love to other women?"

She didn't say anything but answered in her mind: "I love you, but I don't want to be your mistress. I just want real love. If you can do that, I can give you everything including my body. Why do you want my body just like you want other women? Why do you sully my love?"

Charles, however, could not read her thoughts and continued to stare at her, "Or are you jealous? In fact, had you imagined replacing that woman so you could lie underneath me?"

"No!" She finally turned to look at him in the face.

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