Julian would’ve been completely intimidating if not for the incongruity of all that hair pulled into a knot at the back of his head. Someone so polished, so sophisticated, so rigid in his appearance wearing a…man bun.

A corded expanse of tanned neck contrasted with his light blue shirt. His broad shoulders blocked her view of the room, but Nina didn't care. Her stare was riveted to his body. He was powerfully built, his arm tanned and flecked with black hair below the turned back pearl-studded cuff.

Nina seemed to be floating on a cloud, her mouth turning dry as her gaze slid lower. She was fascinated by the flex of his strong thighs beneath the tight denim as he released her hand and stepped back a bit.

"Is something wrong?" Julian asked, watching her closely.

The question brought her back to reality and she grinned sheepishly.

"Yeah... Oh nothing is wrong" she said hurriedly and smiled at him. "It's just that you look so different... Not different in a bad way of course... I mean, you look really.... Sexy"

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