Chapter 6 - A 15 Days with Mr.Perv [Boy X Boy]

It seems Like the Techniques doesn’t have effect to Jano, But Fred’s being an aggressive type makes Jano fluttered, and it gives confident to fred.

Jano gets permission to Mr. Montemayor just to enrol at school.

He saw his boss in a nice outfit, wearing a Black plain Polo shirts and a Red Jeans.

“Tss. It’s been an Hour since you’ve done taking a bath. Why do you act like a girl? tsk tsk. Let’s go”

Fred said in irritated tone.

Jano gets confused but he followed him.

“Ah Sir? Where are we going?”

He calmly asks.

“At School.”

He thinks that Fred is going to enrol too, so he gets in the car

While on the way, Jano confused for a moment, they went at the different school.

Mr. Montemayor transferred him at the same school with Fred, so that even at school, Jano could able to watch Fred at the same time.

When they arrived at the school, Fred went straight at the admissions office to enrol Jano, meanwhile Jano was standing at the middle of the ground while mesmerizing at the whole school.

He was about to ask Fred when he noticed that he left alone.

He saw a guy wearing an eye glass and Blue Polo Shirt walking a cross him so he decided to approach him to ask where the admissions office

The guy stopped and looks at his face without emotions.

“GO straight and then turn right, you’re not that kind of stupid to can’t read the signage right?

Sarcastically says the guy. Then he points his finger at the building where the office is located.

Jano is about to respond when the guy left him alone.

“Psh! I’m sorry okay?”

Sarcastically says Jano even if the guy can’t hear him anymore.


He quickly turned his head when he heard Fred’s voice.

“Let’s Go!”

Fred said and walks away.

“But si-sir”

Jano said while following Fred towards to gate of school.

Fred stopped and faced him.

“This is your Registration form, your schedule are indicated here so let’s go!”

Jano take the envelope and decided not to ask something.

It seems like Fred are not in good mood so he better to keep his mouth off.

Fred dropped him off at the house and leave.

He keeps thinking what happened to him but at the same time, he felt some air at the house, no boss, no pressure and no awkward moments.

Jano’s Point of View

It’s been four days and I haven’t heard anything from mr. Koko.

I went up from lying by the couch here in the living room to make some drink, it’s already 11 pm and I couldn’t able to rest because I’m waiting for my boss to come home.

It’s been 7 hours since he left me alone here and I guess he’s not in a good mood.

A minute ago I heard my phone rang so I answer it.

“Yes Hello?”

I said at the phone.

“Is it one of a relative of Mr. Fred?”

ast, I don’t know but I could

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too much so kindly pick him up here, our bar

ought there’s something happened with my boss,

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arry on, plus he is taller than me.

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et towel at his chest

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