Chapter 4 - A 15 Days with Mr.Perv [Boy X Boy]

Third Person’s Point of View


This is the sound when a man falls into his bed.

“ARG the Fuck!”

Said Fred while rubbing his butt and his head because he fell down to his bed, It’s already 3 am last time when they decided to stop drinking, his friend went home around 6am when they noticed Jano cleaning they mess.

“Arg what’s happening? My head! Arg!”

Fred Mumbled to himself because of the hangover. He come down at the kitchen to have some cold water. wearing a white fitted sleeveless shirt and a boxer shorts that almost become a brief because of his morning wood.

He saw Jano’s back while cooking for breakfast.

He went straight at the fridge to get some cold water, while Jano keeps on what he doing like there’s no one else are existing except him.

He sat at the table and drinks his glass of water when a little memory flashes back to his head.

Flash Back*

It’s around 2 am when they keep drinking, and it seems like Ken and Fred couldn’t stand up alone at the floor because of the alcohol while Louie keeps watching them and Cedric are too busy to his phone.

“OKAY! Let me bet okay?”

Ken while holding a glass of alcohol.

“Hey! Be careful!”

Louie said when he saw Ken Standing at the couch

“Let’s bet, He can’t able to seduce my..... my Cutie boy “

Ken said to his friend then laugh

“Oh! I’m kidding I mean Jano”

Ken added when he saw Louie and Fred glaring at him.

“I don’t think so, we all know Fred, and he can get what he wants by his sexy body and that thing!”

Cedric said and point his lips to Fred’s face

Ken look at Fred comparing of his looks to him.

“yeah!, Fred is a handsome guy so I bet He could!”

Louie said and looks up to Ken.


Ken reactions when he heard Louie disagreed to him.

“Tss. Stop it okay?”

“WOAH, look at him guys, he doesn’t want to talk about Jano because he knew that he can’t haha”

Ken said trying to provoke him.

Fred rolls his eyes and drinks his glass

“Tss. Try Me”

Fred said.

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