Chapter 0 - 99 Days In Love With Vampire


I pressed enter and anxiously stared at the screen for a long time until I got the notification that the email was sent. Breath slowly exhaled from my body as I slumped back on the chair, rubbing my neck. I was seriously tired! But my heart felt happier! I couldn't take this grin off of my face.

I had just written my very first manuscript, posted the first four Chapters on the app called Webpad, and emailed the link to one of the chief editors! Everyone had said that on Webpad, my life could change. Every author that had been able to publish here became famous overnight. As soon as I imagined such a scene of ecstasy happening for me, a feeling of pleasure bubbled inside my heart.

I stood up from the table and rushed inside the bedroom. Trying to find my husband to tell him the news!

But as soon as I saw him, a painful lump rose in my throat, he was sitting on the bed with his laptop on his lap. His eyebrows frowned as he pressed back his rectangle glasses rimmed with gold color and focused on the screen. His hair fell on his forehead, but he was too busy to deal with it. His fingers fiddled in his laptop again without even looking up at me.

Seeing this, I tiptoed toward him and was just about to shift his hair back for him when he caught my hands. Stunned, I tilted my head and glanced at him.

"What do you want?" His cold tone made me shiver on my spine.

I rolled my eyes. This was how our relationship had been for the past year. I quitted my job and started pursuing my career in writing a year ago, but gained nothing except scoldings and negative feedback from the editors of several companies. I posted 100 websites the whole year, but the replies are all the same: I am sorry, but you have to improve your writing skills, you have to enhance the plot, you need to rewrite the outline. Currently, Webpad was my last straw. But If I was declined again, I would not be surprised at all.

But my husband thinks in a totally different way. For him, having a regular office job is the most important thing in life. And he is pretty much dissatisfied with his current lifestyle. I couldn't help but glare at this guy. How could he be so unreasonable?! We haven't even had sex for an year because this guy decided to give me a cold shoulder!

Where would you find a husband like him?!

I awkwardly took my hand back and said in an excited voice, "I'm going to be famous overnight." The corners of my lips stretched so much that it could reach my ears.

But my husband had other ideas. He didn't even bat an eye and typed a few words on his laptop before pressing the enter button. "You say that every time you end up writing a novel. What's new this time?"

Hearing this sentence, I was even more excited. "This time, it's a website that has been able to give millions of authors a proper job! It's Webpad!"

"Like it matters." He turned off his laptop and coldly glanced at me. "You'd always end up being disappointed as always."

Seeing his expression, I froze. I looked at him slowly only to find his gaze being devoid of any warmth, making my heart sink. This guy was really cold to me these days. I couldn't help but feel depressed at this.

"Why're you doing this to me? I'm just asking for your support to fulfil my dream as an author!"

"Elise, for God's sake! Just stop it. What you're doing isn't logical in any way! If you had earned money this past year, I would have considered your option. But have you?" He squinted his eyes at me. "All you did was wasting away the money from our credit card! Do you even remember how much money we owe to the credit card company? Do you even remember that I am just a clerk here?!"

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