Chapter 5 - 99 Days In Love With Vampire

I sent the message and the manuscript. But he didn't reply. I shrugged thinking he might be busy with work. So I finally picked up the bowl filled with food placed by my husband, and started swallowing it down. Even though the food was already cold, it didn't matter. I wasn't really greedy for money anyway.

But I was more excited about my work! I had spent all my time editing things here. And it was all thanks to his suggestion that I could ever create such a masterpiece. So I was sure after going through my updated manuscript, he would certainly feel blissful!

After that, I cleaned my plate and went to bed in a good mood, turning my back to my husband. What I didn't know was that Lewis was awake, and was staring at me with narrowed eyes. It seemed that he finally noticed that something was off, but he couldn't point out what happened. So he sighed and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

The morning came soon. It was the eighth day after meeting Vampire, and I hadn't heard a single word after that day. The last message was a smiling emoji that was sent just after my confession.

Even thinking of that made me groan. Did that guy run away just because of that? I shouldn't have done that! I knew I was quite blunt, but I would be patient in the future, waiting for him to take the first step!

I really had expected me to send a contract after reading my manuscript. But looking at the dead chat, I felt that my confidence was getting lower and lower.

But I might also be wrong. God, I hoped I was wrong! I really didn't want Vampire to become a person I didn't even know.

Still, he should've at least read my message. Otherwise, how would I know that he liked them or not or if I'd get a contract or not? That man wasn't clarifying anything at all!

I pursed my lips, trying to control my emotions since my husband was here. If he were to see my tears, he would become even angrier, forcing me to stop writing once and for all.

But how could I stop? I really didn't want to stop and fulfil my dreams! So I silently sat in front of the computer, staring at the document in a daze. Maybe he would come in a while. I just had to sit here and continue writing.

Unfortunately, he didn't message me the whole day. At night, I finally thought that perhaps this guy would reply to me the next day. So I still had a little bit of hope. But I thought to myself that if this man were to ignore me again, I wouldn't think about him anymore!


Another day passed, and he still didn't message me back. Now I was really worried. This morning, I went off to the store to keep my mind off of Vampire, about whom I was thinking way too much!

I really didn't know what the hell was wrong with me! I slapped my cheeks several times already, but I still found myself thinking about that man and his blonde hair.

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