Chapter 3 - My Lycan Luna


After gym I followed Colin to our next class. It seems he has most of my classes. Now we’re in engineering. I’m the only female here and the teacher is an asshole. He thinks because I’m a female I don’t know anything about cars, motorcycles, or anything that has an engine.

“Angel, could you help me us out with this engine?” Colin asks.

“Mr. Knight, I don’t think Miss. Sanders has any idea what to do with an engine” Mr. Guy says.

“Actually, Mr. Guy, you are wrong” I said earning everyone’s attention.

“I can take this engine apart, clean it, and put it back together” I said feeling confident in myself. This was one of the things I used to doo with my father before he left my mom, brother, and me.

“Oh really?” Mr. Guy asked challengingly. Noticing that I wasn’t going to back down, I see him smile and I didn’t like it at all. I see Colin coming towards me.

“Okay, I want you to work on that car right there-”

“But sir, that car doesn’t even turn on” one of the students said. I look back and the Toyota Corolla.

“That’s the idea. The engine is bad, so if she’s as good as she thinks she is then she can work on this car till the end of the year. If she doesn’t fix the car, I’ll fell her. If she get’s it to run then I’ll pass her” Mr. Guy says.

“Angel you don’t have to do this” Colin says.

“I know” I said then extended my hand out to the teacher.

“You have yourself a deal, Mr. Guy. I’ll have the car running by the end of the semester” I said. Mr. Guy shook my hand before walking away.

"Does she know that the end of the semester is around the corner? I hear someone say. I knew, but I had confidence in myself and what I had learned from my father.

“Come on then, let’s get working on the car, then” Colin says.

“What? But you already have a group” I said.

“I want to work with you in this car. My groups has plenty of people” Colin says.

“Mr. Guy will fail you if I don’t get this car running” I said.

“Trust me, after my bike… I have faith in you” he says. I sighed shaking my head.

“Okay then, let’s get to work” I said. Colin and I were in an isolated room in the back. Between the two of us we got the engine and the transmission out of the car. The bell rings just as we place it on the floor since the tables at too weak.

“At least we got the engine and transmission out” I said. I can work more on this car, but I have to go buy school rules.

“We did” Colin said. He looks at me and chuckles.

“What?” I ask.

“You have some dirt on your face” he says before he runs his thumb over my left cheek.

“Thanks” I said feeling heat make it’s way to my cheeks.

“Do you need a ride home?” Colin asks.

“No, it’s okay. I can walk” I tell him.

“I don’t mind” he assures me.

“Sure, thank you” I said. I follow him out of the classroom and out to the parking lot. He hands me his helmet. He straddles his bike just as a female and another male straddle the other two bikes.

“Angel, these are my friends Alondra, and Manny. Guys this is Angel” Colin introduces. I notice them slightly bow before waving at me.

“What about us?” I hear another male say making Colin chuckle.

“The blonde one is Ray, and the one with the light brown hair is Jake. That’s Dayna, Jake’s m-girlfriend” Colin says. They also give me a little bow before waving.

“I’ll see you guys at home guys. I’m going to give Angel a ride home” Colin says. I put my address on Colin’s GPS then put on the helmet and wave at his friends before Colin takes off. We arrive at my house. I get off the bike and take off the helmet and hand it to Colin.

“This is a nice place you have” Colin says.

“Thanks” I mumbled.

“Here, this is my phone number. If you ever need anything or want to talk, call me” Colin says handing me a piece of paper with his number.

“Thanks. Ride safe and thank you for the ride” I said.

“Always” he smiles and leaves. I look around before making sure no one is around before I go inside the house. I walk inside the quiet house. I miss hearing my mother’s voice every time I came home from school. I look at her picture with my brother and me.

“Hi mom, peanut, I hope you are both having a wonderful day. I miss you both” I whisper running the tips of my fingers over the picture. I walk to the kitchen and take out some eggs and bread. I make some French toast. I sit on the sofa and click on Netflix to watch a movie. I decided on Paranormal Activity the Marked Ones. Once I finished the movie I cleaned up the kitchen and went to shower. I washed my hair, washed my body, shaved, and washed my body again. Once I finished I wore a t-shirt and my boyshorts. I then went back to the living room to watch another movie called Transformers. After watching the movie I went up to my room to sleep.



I stopped punching the punching bag as a bad feeling crept inside me. I quickly took off my gloves and rushed to my bag and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed my mom’s number but there was no respond. I dialed again but nothing. I shoved my gloves in my bag.

“Woe where are you going kiddo?” my coach asks. I didn’t say anything and just rushed out the gym. I run as fast as I can to our house. As I get closer I hear my little brother scream before he does quiet. I run inside the house to see my worst fears coming true. My mom’s ex boyfriend straddles my mom as he delivers stab after stab to my mom’s torso. I see my little brother on the floor with his throat cut and a large cut n his head. I scream and lunge at my mom’s ex boyfriend and start punching and kicking him. Suddenly, he turns us around.

“This is your fault. You told her to leave me. I’m going to kill you as well” he slurs. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I feel pain on the right side of my torso followed by something warm. I look to see he had stabbed me. I turned us around he tried to get the upper hand but I straddled his chest and continued punching him in the face. I noticed another knife not far from him. I grabbed it and plunged it right in his eye as hard as I could. I got off of him and rushed towards my brother. He had no pulse. I screamed pulling him to my chest.

“I’m sorry peanut” I cried. I heard a cough and realized it was my mom. I gently put my brother down, grabbed my phone and called Detective Stone. My hand touched something on my right side and I realized I had a knife stuck to my right side. The asshole had stabbed me again and I didn’t feel it. I pulled it out.

“Detective Stone”

“He found us. My brother is dead. Mom is very badly hurt” I said.

“I’m on my way” Detective Stone said before hanging up.

“Mom, hold on. Help is coming” I said. She shook her head a little and gave me a sad, bloody smile.

“I’m sorry I put you both in danger. But… there’s something… you need… to know…” she coughed up blood and I knew her injuries were really bad.

“Your father wasn’t… a normal man… on your eighteenth birthday… when… the moon… rises… your life… is going to change” mom coughed out.

“I… love… you” she said.

“Mom? Mom?” I tapped her face gently.

“Mom” I shouted as the front door was kicked in. I quickly stood taking a protective stand over my mom and brother’s dead body, but when I saw it was Detective Stone my body slightly relaxed.

“Where is he?” Detective stone asked.

“Over there. I killed him” I admitted. Detective Stone looked at where I pointed before he looked at my mother and brother.

“I need medics in here now” Detective Stone ordered. He checks on my mother and my brother, then looks at me.

“I’m sorry Angel. Your mom and brother are gone” he confirms. I stumble back and my vision becomes blurry. I see Detective Stone reach for me. There’s an ear piercing scream and I realize it was me just as everything goes black.