Chapter 1 - 5 princes and I

The Old Lady

"It's here! Really here." My friend gasped and shook me back and forth.

I covered my ears and glanced around the game shop. All around us, girls were going crazy about this new game called 'Choose your Prince' I snorted at the stupidity of the title and the game. I mean seriously, what kind of fool would name their game as stupid as that? It's just a cheap Otome game.

The more that I see these girls rushing in the store in hopes to buy their copy, the more I got pissed. Shame on you all! I screamed in my mind. Why waste your parent's money on something so useless!

"Do you really have to go, Jen?" I asked. Really annoyed by her screams.

"Why yes, Rose. I do. If you're a normal teenage girl then you would do the same." she said.

I rolled my eyes and sighed "Yeah. And if you were a smart girl then you would keep that money of yours and buy yourself some cake instead." I said.

"No way. I have waited for this day to come! I need to get that game." Her eyes sparkled as she gazed dreamily at the poster where the banner of the game was posted. I rolled my eyes. "If you badly needed the game, then why did you drag me along?"

"Because you're my friend." I stared at her. Not believing that it was the only reason why she brought me here. She rolled her eyes when she saw my look. "Fine. You're supposed to be the sacrifice to those girls if I have some trouble getting a copy. I want you to tackle any girl that gets in my way."


"What? That's what friends are for, right?" She gave me an innocent grin in which I countered with a glare. The nerve of this girl. She was willing to sacrifice her one and only friend for a game. But her purpose was clear. I'm doomed if I don't find a way out of here.

Knowing her, I can't convince her to change her mind about not buying the game.

And now I wish I had a few more friends instead of one. It's my fault anyways why I don't have that many friends.

"Jen? Do you mind if I look around for a while?"

"Planning on ditching me again huh? Come on, Rose. Live a little." She said without looking at me. She knows how much I hate the crowd and she knows me too well to know that I don't have the patience for these kinds of stuff.

I sighed tiredly at her, looking at the crowd of teenage girls gathering around the shop. I wrinkled my nose at the idea of going in there. For all I know I might not be able to get back in one piece after I charge in there. "Seriously, Jen. You can't expect me to go there with you. You know how I feel about being crowded." I admitted. Just imagine yourself charging inside of the store full of rabid girls fighting for the chance to get their hands on the game.

Since when did dating simulation games become so popular?

She puckered her lips and begged me with her eyes. "Won't you do it for a friend?"


"I might need some backup."

"Not my problem."

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