Chapter 0 - 25 year old virgin

"I try to but when it comes down to it i get scared"

"Scared of what? it only hurts for a while then after it feels good"

"Yeah that's what i'm scared of" I laugh.

"do you at least masturbate?"

"duh, everybody does"

So as you know i'm 25 and still a virgin, yes i have a boyfriend and yes he's waiting for me to be ready for us to have sex.

"Ugh you're so boring" Sofia stands "anyways i have to go pick my cousin up from the airport, his annoying ass is staying with me for a while" she puts her sweater on.

"ugh, i don't want you to go" I stand hugging her.

"invite jaden over, he can keep you company"

"he gets off work at 10"

"well why don't you come with me then?"

"okay fine" I put on my shoes as we both walk downstairs and out the front door.

we get into her car and she drives off.


he parks "i'm gonna wait for h


the car and walks

d starts texting jaden

: hey

en :

tryna come

have to be some

spend time with e

y, i'll come see you tomorro

: o

: wy

on sofia to pic


love y

for her cousin as he puts his suitcases in the trunk. he wal

y bestfriend nia, nia th

k up and almost drop my phon

k back down at my phone not t

can cause im most definitely not


rough the mirror then he smiles and i smi

look up from my phone trying to avoid loo

me" i hop out the car then h

e, i lo

e you

use. I walk off upstairs to my room changing into some shorts and