Chapter 1 - 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance

Monroe in particular. But no, I wasn’t thinking that about one of the grooms who’d come in for a consultation. I refused.

“Well come on back and we can talk about what you want for your wedding.” I led the way, and both men followed dutifully. I gestured to the chairs near one of the worktables, and Monroe waited until Lincoln sat before sitting himself. I pulled over my rolling stool and sat as well, then grabbed the printouts I’d set there earlier.

“So the date is coming up quickly, but I don’t have any issues filling an order for you,” I began. “But I have to warn you that it might limit what you can choose. And not just from me, if you decide to go elsewhere. Some flowers can’t be instant-ordered, since they need to be shipped from hothouses farther away. With only four weeks to the big day, that’s limiting, but not overly so.”

Monroe nodded, and Lincoln blurted out, “No baby’s breath.”

I startled at the random exclamation, but nodded and marked it down. “Not a problem, not everyone likes—”

“Wilson’s allergic.” Again Lincoln.

“Linc, take a breath. It’s all fine,” Monroe said soothingly.

Lincoln nodded, sucked in a fast but deep breath, then let it out slowly. Monroe waited for him to do it again, then patted him on the shoulder.

“Sorry,” Lincoln murmured, his cheeks bright red. “I’m nervous. New people…I just…it’s hard…”

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