Chapter 4 - 2019 Top Ten Gay Romance

Call. Me. Right. Now!!!

I waited, fuming, then finally the phone rang and my sister’s smiling face peered up at me. I swiped violently across the screen.

“Do you hate me now?” she asked in a small voice before I could even bark out a greeting.

“Yes. You’re fired as best friend and I’m starting divorce proceedings. You’re no longer my sister.”

She squeaked out a pained sound. “Really?”

I sat on the edge of the bed, then flopped backward and threw an arm over my eyes. “No, of course not. I love you. But really, El, what the hell?”

“He was so sincere and heartbroken, Jo. I just wanted to give him a chance. Mostly for you.”

I snorted out a mirthless laugh. “For me?”

She sighed, her sadness evident. “You need…closure. I mean, if it works out, great. You know I love Cooper, and you guys were great together. You love him. Or did, once. But if you can’t get back together, if that’s too much or too far…” I imagined her shrugging, because I knew her that well. And then she sighed again. “Closure, Jonah. I thought at the very least you could get that.”

I didn’t respond, because when it came right down to it, she was right. No matter what else, I deserved to have the full story and move on from Adrian Cooper. A part of my heart was still attached to him. And maybe it always would be. But if I heard him out, maybe that part of me could finally heal instead of seeping like a raw and infected wound.

Ugh. That was gross imagery. But accurate.

“Is it bad?” she whispered, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes.” I swallowed. “No. Maybe? It’s…he said he made a mistake. That he was wrong.”

“Coopersaid that?”

I had to smile, just a little, at her disbelief. At least her surprise validated my own. I shook my head and rolled to lay on my side. I tucked the phone between my ear and the mattress, even though that made speaking a little difficult. “Yeah, I don’t know what to do with it either.”

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